Astrology Love Quiz For Virgo

The Astrology sun sign Virgo has its own style of Love. Take this Astrology Quiz and see if your love style is like an Virgo.

Every astrological sign has a different personality, different careers that are suited for them, different approaches to friends, and different styles in love relationships. Take this quiz and see if your Love Style is like the sign Virgo.

Read each question and write down the best answer. At the end of this quiz, use the answer key to add up your score and discover if your romantic side is like a Virgo.

(1) When I have a conflict with my lover, I...

(a) am able to keep a level head and resolve the situation

(b) blow up, but later apologize and come up with a compromise

(c) get angry and stew over it without necessarily solving the problem

(2) In matters of intimacy in the early stages of a relationship"¦

(a) I tend to become physical with someone early (sometimes too early) in the relationship

(b) I am sometimes forward, but it usually takes me awhile

(c) I am extremely shy, it take me a long time to warm up

(3) When I fall in love, I"¦

(a) fall hard

(b) fall back out of love just as easily

(c) am very cautious about it

(4) "I put a lot of energy into making a relationship work." Does this statement sound true to you?

(a) not really, relationships shouldn't take that much work to maintain

(b) yes, I do put a lot of energy into perfecting relationships

(c) it depends on the relationship - some are worth the energy and others are not

(5) Have you ever been described as "too clingy" in a relationship?

(a) no, never

(b) yes

(c) only once or twice, but most people wouldn't describe me that way

(6) My ideal mate would be"¦

(a) dominating and would "wear the pants" in the relationship

(b) strong but sensitive

(c) protective and empathetic

(7) I have had lovers describe my bedside manner as slightly"¦

(a) domineering

(b) over the top

(c) repressed (at least at first!)

(8) My style of dating is"¦

(a) one person at a time

(b) to date several people at a time

(c) usually I only date one person at a time, but sometimes old relationships and new relationships overlap

(9) When I have to make a big relationship decision (such as whether or not to move in together), I"¦

(a) let my emotions be my guide and usually find the answer very quickly

(b) take my time and very carefully analyze the situation before deciding anything

(c) sometimes consult friends and think it through a bit, but make the decision relatively quickly

(10) If I see someone attractive at a party, and I am single, I am most likely to"¦

(a) try to hang around them and make conversation

(b) flirt like crazy

(c) eye them up and down and hope that they will come over and talk to me

Answer Key:

1) a=2; b=1; c=0

2) a=0; b=1; c=2

3) a=2; b=0; c=1

4) a=0; b=2; c=1

5) a=2; b=0; c=1

6) a=0; b=2; c=1

7) a=0 ;b=0; c=2

8) a=2; b=0; c=1

9) a=0; b=2; c=1

10) a=1; b=0; c=2

What your score means:

17-20 points: A TRUE VIRGO LOVER!

14-16 points: Heavily Influenced by the Sign Virgo

10-13 points: Similar Love Style as a Virgo

5-9 point: Only Sometimes Similar in Love Style to the Sign Virgo

0-4 points: A Lover Unlike a Virgo!

What is the Love Style for Virgo?

Virgo (Born August 23 - September 22) can be very shy with a new partner at first. But if they get teamed up with the right person - look out! Their repressed exterior disappears and they show their truly passionate side. Virgos seek perfection in their relationships, and they are willing to put a lot of energy into a relationship to achieve this. Virgos can be incredible lovers, and they are extremely loyal to boot. A true Virgo wouldn't cheat on a lover, and probably wouldn't even daydream about other lovers. Although they are slow to fall in love, once they do they fall hard!

Good Matches for Virgo: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

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