Astronaut Training

Astronauts undergo a thorough training to try to prepare them for certain unexpected missions thatthey're supposed to accomplish.

People aiming to be astronauts must first try to pass the NASA screening. Once they do,they have to go through a training which takes one year. They are then called astronaut candidates. At this time,they are taught in classrooms and study aeronautics, astronomy and other related topics needed for spacework. They also learn survival techniques in and out of the earth from human,book and computer resources. Upon completion, their first job is under supporting roles such as helping launch a site, examining the hardware materials and making models for space cargoes. They keep on doing this until they're assigned on a certain flight. Once they're done with the job, they will resume in doing their supporting roles.

These astronauts are then trained for certain missions. To do this,they need to make use of many resouces during this time. An example is by using simulators. This is where the astronauts under training work with the ground control team and shuttle crew in doing computer-programmed tasks. This tests the knowledge of both the trainors and the astronauts in handling various work needed for the success of future missions. It also reflects their capability in working together as a team. Another method used is through virtual reality tools which trains the astronauts in doing complex jobs like the ones on a satellite mission.

In addition to that, they are also trained on basic stuffs like how to board a space shuttle, do spacewalks, execute emergency procedures and what to do during landing. Certain replicas of machines and equipments are necessary during this process. The duration of the training depends on the complexity of the assigned mission and the astronaut's flight experience. It could all take at about 9 months to as long as a year.

The specialists for the mission go inside the laboratory where the materials and the cargoes are kept and they try to examine its structures and know its functions. Thorough training needs to be undergone most specially in cases which involves carrying very complex experiments and doing various tasks. Possible unexpected events may happen on a mission so the astronauts and the space crew must prepare themselves on what to do in case of emergency situations.

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