Attachment Parenting: Should Your Baby Sleep With You

Attachment parenting: should your child sleep with you? It could lead to years of not wanting to sleep in his or her's bed.

There are so many decisions being made on if to allow a baby to sleep in the bed with the parents and so many arguments pro and con on this matter. I feel a child doesn't need to sleep with his parents and here are my reasons:

A baby in the bed with the parents is subject to one or the other rolling over and hurting the baby without any intention to do so. When we are asleep we can't control if we lie from one side to the other, awake we can, sleeping at night is entirely different than a daytime nap in the bed with his parents.

IF and when your toddler walks from his bed and comes into your room and climbs into your bed you might want to consider walking him back to bed and staying with him till he falls asleep again and after a few times then tell him he needs to go back to sleep and Mommy has to go back to her

own bed as he needs to sleep in his own bed. If you start allowing him to remain in your bed when he comes into your bed and your room a pattern will be established and he will expect to sleep with Mommy and Daddy as you have let him do this too often. Remember patterns are established early and are very hard to be broken later.

A baby needs to grow up having his own space in his own room if entirely possible or even sharing a room with another sibling as it teaches independence. As an adult he will not have a problem with sleeping in a room alone as he will grow up having his own space.

When you have a baby or a toddler in the family bed not potty trained you run the risk of waking up wet, getting up, changing sheets, waking up the baby, also the parents and if the baby or toddler is in his own bed chances are this won't happen as often.

I hestiate to mention this but there is also the matter of sexual privacy, you have more freedom in a room with just your spouse and for some marriages this is necessary.

I hope these thoughts have helped you in your decision, as I say this is a very disputed decision one which some may not agree with. It is up to you as parents to make any decisions for your children, always remember that.

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