Australian Slang Terms

A description of the more popular Australian slang terms and their usage. Includes: bewdy, Hughie, slab, galah, fair dinkum and others.

Australian English is peppered with colorful slang unheard of in other versions of the language. As well as the rhyming slang, such as "dog and bone" (phone) and abbreviations, such as G'day (good day), there are a number of unique words. The following are some of the more popular.

Strewth - An exclamation.

Blimey - Like strewth can be an exclamation but is most often used to express bewilderment or surprise. Often prefaced with the word Gawd (God) or Cor, "Gawd blimey!".

Fair Dinkum - The most widely used slang in Australia, also the word with the more varied meaning. Can be used instead of strewth or blimey to express exclamation. Also means real, honest, telling the truth, serious and a good person.

Sheila - Endearing term for a fair dinkum women.

Bloke - Endearing term for fair a dinkum man.

Cobber - Mate, friend, pal, someone you can't remember the name of.

Bewdy - An exclamation of excitement - "You bewdy!"

Bottler - Terrific. Often used with bewdy - "She's a bewdy bottler mate!"

Zac - Five cent piece. Six pence before 1966.

Two Bob - Twenty cent piece. Two shillings before 1966.

Illywacker - A sheister, conperson, salesperson, politician.

Hughie - Nickname for Supreme Being. Often used when asking for rain, "Send 'er down Hughie!"

Idiot box - Television.

Do your block - To lose your temper.

Toey - Restless, want to leave where you are.

Galah - A person considered to be a fool.

Grog - Any alcoholic drink, usually beer.

Tinnie - A can of beer.

Stubbie - 375ml bottle of beer.

Throw down - 275ml bottle of beer.

Long neck - 750ml bottle of beer.

Slab - A box of 24 tinnies, stubbies or throw downs.

Sanger - Sandwich.

Snagger - Sausage.

Barbie - Short for barbecue, event where slabs of tinnies and other grog is drunk while cooking sangers in the great outdoors. After a while, when some turn into galahs, sober guests tend to get a bit toey.

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