How to Find the Best Auto Insurance Company

By Larry Amon

  • Overview

    If you drive a car, then you need auto insurance coverage. Beyond the law requiring you to get coverage, you want coverage with a company who is going to be there when you really need service. With a purchase this important, you really need to test-drive an insurance company before you sign on.
    How to Find the Best Auto Insurance Company
    How to Find the Best Auto Insurance Company
    • Step 1

      Get many different price quotes based on your history and possibly your credit. Make a list of all the quotes you get and don't just seek the absolute cheapest companies; they may not save you money in the long run. Make sure you get quotes on different coverage levels, including such things as personal injury protection, rental coverage, uninsured motorist coverage and property damage.
    • Step 2

      Go to review sites for auto insurance. Consumer Reports and JD Powers are good places to start. The major reviewers will likely give thorough reviews based on many experiences. You should try to find as many reviews as possible just to get as complete a look at the company as possible.

    • Step 3

      Talk to your friends. No matter what you buy you should always consult your friends to find out what experiences they have with the kind of product you're going to buy. Talking to someone you trust can give you a good idea of what to buy.
    • Step 4

      Check on the company's reliability. Find out how long the company has existed. A new company may be good, but if an insurer has been around for a while, it will likely be there when you need it. Check your state's department of insurance website to see complaint ratios for insurance companies. Check other state's sites also.
    • Step 5

      Test-drive insurance. Go to the website of each company and see how easy it is to find all of the information you need now, or may need in the future. Call the insurance company and see if you just get a recording or if you get to talk to somebody fairly easily. Call more than once to see if you get consistently good service.
    • Step 6

      Check with businesses that know insurance companies from experience. Stop by local body shops and ask what kind of experience they have dealing with different insurers. Ask the body shop which companies readily suggest or even require and pay for OEM parts. Call car rental places to see what experience they have working with different insurers.
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    • Tip: Don't just buy the cheapest insurance.

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