How to Get Auto Insurance if You Do Not Own a Car

By Charlie Gaston

  • Overview

    If you do not own your vehicle, you can still obtain insurance for the vehicle. When renting a vehicle, you can obtain insurance to cover the vehicle while it is in your posession. Like a parent adding a teen driver to his insurance policy, you will be covered as a primary driver; but not as the actual owner. This and other options are available to you.
    • Step 1

      Add owner of the vehicle to the insurance policy as an "additional interested party." The owner must be a registered driver and named on the policy. Not all insurance agents will allow the request. You must also be named on the policy.
    • Step 2

      Have the car registered in your name. Register the vehicle with the department of motor vehicles and then obtain insurance as a registered driver for the vehicle. This would be the same as a parent purchasing a car for a teen driver, registering the vehicle in his name, and then adding his name as an additional driver for the vehicle under the same policy.

    • Step 3

      Obtain a "Non Owner Policy." This option is generally used by a person who wants to obtain private auto insurance in lieu of a rental car insurance plan or a person who frequently borrows a second-party vehicle, such as that from a friend or colleague. Obtain a quote from Insurance4USA. See Resources.
    • Step 4

      Compare auto rates. Insure, Non Owner Auto Insure, Insure Me, SBAAA all offer non-owner auto insurance. Contact for a quote and compare rates and benefits for the most competitive price.
    • Step 5

      Obtain the auto insurance policy. Provide the VIN number for the vehicle, address where the vehicle will be parked, driver's license, your first and last name and telephone number. Choose your required coverage. Review the terms of the policy, sign and pay.
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    • Tip: Compare quotes before purchasing a policy.

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