Automobile Accident Information

If you are in an automobile accident you need to know how to act and what to do. This imformation can save someone's life, and can also save you a lot of headache with your insurance company.

If you are in an automobile accident you need to know how to act and what to do. This can save someone's life, and can also save you a lot of headache down the road with your insurance company. Knowing when to keep your mouth shut can also make or break your case.

First and foremost, never leave the scene of an accident with out talking to the other party involved. You need to make sure everyone is O.K. and call for emergency medical treatment for all people who are seriously injured. Do not leave the scene to call the police, if there is not a phone nearby get a witness to call the police. Not stopping when you have been involved in an accident is called a "Hit and Run" accident and is against the law. It is your obligation and duty to stop!

Remain calm while checking yourself and others for injuries. Getting hysterical only makes things worse. Call the police when any damage has occurred to the people involved, or the cars. Some police departments do not want you to call the police if the damages are below a certain dollar amount, for example $ 1,000.00. Some police departments do not want you to call them unless there are injuries from the accident. It is not always necessary to call the police when there has been an accident; insurance

companies do not require a police report, contrary to what many people believe.

Remember, if you do call the police and you are at fault in the accident, you will probably get a ticket.

If you determine that the police will need to be called, do not move the cars. The police will need to evaluate the accident scene to make their report. They will note the angle of the cars, where they were coming from. They will take note of skid marks and the way the glass flew among many other things. If you move the cars pertinent evidence may be disturbed. If you have a camera you can take pictures of the accident for yourself. Also write down the street, the date and time and anything else you might need to help jog your memory later on. It is amazing how much people forget when they have been traumatized.

Whether you call the police or not you will need to exchange pertinent information with the other person involved in the crash. Make sure you get their name, address, phone number, their insurance company and policy number. Remain calm and write everything down during this process.

While you are exchanging this important information do not, I Repeat do not, admit any fault. Even if you were at fault in the accident, this is not the time or the place to admit it! Do not get overly friendly with the person involved or discuss the details of the accident! Do not argue or get angry with them. Just get the information you need from them with out claiming responsibility. Another important thing to keep quiet about is whether or not you are hurt. If it turns out later that you are hurt, with a back injury or whiplash, your words at the accident can be used against you. Many times these injuries

do not show up for days later.

You should always get witnesses names and phone numbers that may have seen the accident. Having a witness on your side can make or break your case should it go to trial. Also, take down the name of the police officer and their badge number and accident report number if the police came to the scene.

Call a tow truck company to come and get your car if the damage inhibits driving. When you get home call your insurance company and report the accident. See a doctor and have a check up if you have any pain in the neck or back.

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