Automotive Maintenance - 60,000 Mile Maintenance - What To Expect

Ready for your 60,000 mile maintenance service for your automobile? Here are some services you may expect.

For most people, their automobile is one of their most prized possessions. This is not necessarily because it is a cool or new car or because it is the latest or most expensive model. If you live in a city where you work thirty miles from home or where the nearest grocery store is ten miles away, your car is your livelihood. Without it, you would be taking a bus or hitching rides with friends. Because your car is so important in getting you where you want and need to go, take care of it. This doesn't mean you should take it in for a car wash every two days (although nobody is stopping you if you want to do that), but it does entail making sure the insides of the car are up to par. If they are not, this could cause further damage to your car that you were not expecting both mentally as well as financially. In addition to a 15,000 and 30,000 mile service, you will also need to take your automobile in for a 60,000 mile service. Here are the items you can expect to be inspected, replaced and fixed.

* Timing belt: A broken timing belt could cause extensive damage to your engine, so this is probably number one on your list when getting your 60,000 mile service. More than likely, your mechanic will replace the timing belt at this time, since most, if not all, automobile manufacturers suggest this service. You will want to be sure you have the crankshaft and camshaft seals replaced at this time, as well.

* Cooling system hoses: At this time, your mechanic will also replace your cooling system hoses, if necessary.

* Spark plugs: Both platinum and non-platinum spark plugs will be changed at this time.

In addition to the above services, you will also have all the services done that you would at a 30,000 mile service. They are listed below.

* Automatic transmission service: This includes a transmission flush as well as a replacement of transmission fluid. The mechanic will also check for any leaks at this time.

* Cooling system flush: The cooling system is flushed out with detergent and replaced with new quality coolant. In addition, a conditioner and a ph balancer will be added to the new coolant. During the cooling system check up, there will be an inspection of any possible leaks.

* Ignition tune-up: This tune-up consists of diagnostic checks on the computer system as well as the emissions. The mechanic will also perform an injection system service at this time.

Furthermore, the mechanic will also go through and check all things that would be checked on a normal 15,000 mile service, as well as any other routine monthly or quarterly services.

* Check all fluid levels.

* Perform a brake inspection, specifically the rotors and brake pads.

* Inspect the suspension and steering.

* Perform a tire rotation, tire balance, wheel alignment, inspect the wear and tread on the tires, check the tire pressure and repack the wheel bearings.

* If you have not had your most recent oil change, they will do that as well, and replace both your oil and air filters.

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