Automotive Maintenance: 30,000 Mile Maintenance - What To Expect

Your automobile is ready for its 30,000 mile maintenance service. Here is what you should expect.

One of the easiest things you can do to prolong the life of your car is to continually maintain it. This is more than making sure the registration sticker is always updated and ensuring you have the best available car insurance. Your car is a machine with tons of working parts that can quickly and easily stop working if they are not cared for. When your car reaches 30,000 miles, you will want to take it in for its 30,000 mile routine maintenance. Here is what you should expect at that checkup.

* Automatic transmission service: This will be a drain and flush of your transmission oil, a replacement of your transmission filter and a refill of the correct transmission fluid. They will also check for any potential leaks.

* Cooling system flush: Your cooling system will be flushed with detergent to clean out your system and then the fluid will be replaced with coolant. A pressure test will also be run to check for potential leaks and a conditioner and ph balancer will be added to the coolant.

* Electronic ignition general tune-up: During the tune-up, the mechanic will run computer checks and check the emissions. If needed, the spark plugs will be replaced and the car will be given an injection system service.

* Fluid levels: The mechanic will also check all fluid levels and do a general under-car condition inspection.

* Brakes: The brake pads will be checked to see if they are still within the correct thickness or if they have been worn down. If necessary, the brake pads may need to be replaced and the rotor machined.

* Steering and suspension: Both of these systems will be checked.

* Tires and wheels: Your wheel alignment will be checked, and, if necessary, they will be aligned to their proper specifications. The tires will be balanced and rotated (if necessary) and the tread on the tire will be checked for their thickness as well as any unusual tread wear. The wheel bearings will be repacked. The tires will also be checked for the correct tire pressure.

* Filters: The air and fuel filters will be replaced.

* Oil: If necessary, your car will also receive an oil change. It is vital that you change your car's oil at least every 3,000 miles or 3 months (whichever comes first). It is okay to let this go to 5,000 miles, but, under no condition, should you let 7,500 miles pass before getting an oil change. They will also lubricate the chassis.

* Miscellaneous: The mechanic may check all of the lights (brake lights and headlights), check the condition of the coolant hoses, check the belts for tension as well as any wear, check the condition of the windshield wipers, test the charge of the battery and inspect for any fluid leaks.

There is no hard number for how much your 30,000 mile routine maintenance check will cost, since that all depends on what type of car or truck you have and where you decide to take your car for this service.

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