What Is The Average Cost For Refinishing Furniture?

What is the average cost for refinishing furniture? The cost involved in refinishing a piece of furniture is great because of the tools and products used during the process. The cost is great, because first...

The cost is great, because first the pieces have to be stripped. Then you've got to sand it and then you have to finish it. All of those products are oil-based, and you know what the cost of petrochemicals are. A good can of stripper could cost anywhere from $20-$35 a gallon. A good natural bristle paint brush to apply your finish with can cost up to twenty five or thirty dollars. So to have it professionally done is not really inexpensive; but considering the cost of materials you need to do it, it is more cost efficient to have a professional do it. And of course, we spray all of our finishes on, so it looks professionally done. We have one spray booth, two compressors, and 4 or 5 spray guns. It helps to have the right tools.

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