How to Avoid Jobless Depression

Make sure you stick to a schedule after losing your job. Start your day at your regular time. Do not sleep your days away because that will only add to any sleep problems. You will get the best sleep when you stick to a schedule. Spend time each day looking for work. Looking for work needs to be your full-time job. Take time each day to network with others in your line of work. This will keep you connected to those still working and could be your lead to your next job. Get plenty of exercise. Exercising helps to raise the level of endorphins that are pumping to your brain. Endorphins transmit the feel good chemicals to your brain. According to the, exercise will also lower the stress hormones that are running through your body. Enjoy your family during this time of uncertainty. Take your kids to the park or go on a walk. Volunteer at your kid's school. Most working parents do not get this opportunity often. Volunteering will allow you to get to know the people your kids are spending most of their time with and the teachers will thank you too. Do the things that you never have time to do when working a full-time job. Seek professional help. Depression is not just feeling sad for a few days. If you experience profound sadness for longer than a few weeks and it is beginning to make the daily running of your life impossible, it's time to get professional help.

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