Avoid Overpricing: Common Car Repair Price Estimates

These important tips and suggestions will help you to avoid being overcharged or cheated for common car and vehicle repairs.

One of the biggest consumer rip-offs currently in the United States today involves car repair services. Unsuspecting consumers are either being charged exuberant prices, or they are being charged for repairs that are either not necessary or not being preformed at all. It's easy for car repair businesses to get away with this scam because those who are bringing their vehicles in for repair often don't know anything about car repair issues. They are relying on the expertise and honesty of car repair personnel.

Since the automobile was first invented, people have been charged for tasks that were never preformed, and they have been charged for extensive repairs that weren't required. People are often told their vehicles have non-existent problems. How can the average person avoid being taken advantage of when having their car problems diagnosed and repaired?

First of all, it's wise to get more than one estimate before hiring a car mechanic. Getting more than one analysis and opinion will help prevent against fraudulent charges and diagnosis's. Let the first car repair shop you contact know that you will be obtaining more than one estimate. Doing so will make them realize they need to give you a fair estimate in order to gain your business. If your car is inoperable and requires towing, it may not be feasible to get more than one written estimate. You can however call a few different car repair shops for a verbal diagnosis. Compare the answers you get to make an informed decision on the diagnosis of your vehicle. This will also enable you to compare charges for the diagnosed problem. Towing is expensive, but if you find out the price you will be charged after diagnosis is not fair, it's your prerogative to have it towed elsewhere.

The internet is a great tool for diagnosing car problems. Often you can get a good idea of what's wrong with a vehicle by entering the keywords of the symptoms at your favorite search engine. There are message boards and helpful websites designed to help diagnose car problems. Although this won't aide in the repair of your vehicle, you will be more informed when you contact a car repair shop. If you sound as if you know something about cars you are more likely to obtain a fair estimate. Uneducated individuals are more likely to be taken advantage of.

Ask your friends, co-workers, and relatives where they go for car maintenance and repairs. Word of mouth is a great way to find a reliable and honest car repair shop. If those you know are satisfied with services received by a particular car repair business, that business is more than likely reputable. This is also a good way to find an individual who works on the side as a car repair person. Someone who repairs cars at their home can afford to charge less for their services.

Lastly, contact your local Better Business Bureau before taking your car in for diagnosis and repair. They will inform you of any complaints against car repair shops you are considering. They can also refer you to well-rated shops in your area.

Vehicle repairs can be very expensive. Although car repair costs vary from city to city and state to state, you can expect to pay approximately $50.00 an hour for a qualified professional car mechanic. Most charge a minimum of one hour for each separate task. As you can see, labor charges alone can add up very quickly. You can also expect to pay inflated charges for parts.

Stay informed and you are less likely to be cheated by unscrupulous car repair shops. Protect yourself by taking the time to follow these tips and suggestions. Protect your money from car repair crooks. If you don't, there will always be dishonest individuals, ready to take your hard-earned money.

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