Avoid Overpricing: Gold Jewelry Price Estimates

Knowing a little about the market value of gold might help you when deciding what purchase to make and how much to pay.

Although the average person might not be an expert on gold jewelry prices, they still want the best deal available for quality merchandise. There are so many factors in deciding what is a good price for a piece, since value is determined not only by the size of the piece, but also by its purity and whether or not it is a one-of-a-kind design. A necklace will ordinarily cost more than a bracelet but a ring, although smaller than a necklace or bracelet, can sometimes be more expensive than the chains. Additional factors are whether or not the jewelry has a diamond or other inset and whether the piece is 14, 18, or 24 karat gold. Special selections, such as pink gold or white gold can also vary the price of jewelry. If a piece of jewelry has special finishes, such as matte, this can also increase the price. Jewelry is normally engraved with the karat information on it, so this is one sign that the piece is authentic. Although the gold could be 14k, the setting might be a faux stone, such as cubic zirconia, making the piece less valuable than if it contained a genuine diamond.

Average prices for gold pieces vary, depending upon where you live and if the jewelry is on sale. An average price for an 18 inch, 15 gram, small link chain in 24 karat gold is about $250, whereas a large link chain could cost a couple of hundred more. This estimate can be lowered slightly if the chain is shorter or if the jewelry is 14 or 18 karat. If the necklace is longer, such as 30 inches, or has an intricate design, you could pay upwards of $500. A bracelet in 24 karat gold can be found for about $125 but could be on sale for as low as $75, if the link pattern is small. A large link or intricate design will be a hundred dollars or so above that price. A solid gold bangle bracelet of about 15 grams will run about $250 if there are no inset stones, but the price could be 2 to 3 times that for a bangle with stones.

If you're in the market for a gold ring, a simple patterned, thin band is about $150, but an intricate design on a wide-band ring could cost $750 or more. Tie pins, earrings or cuff links can run from $50 to $350, depending upon the design and weight. Designer jewelry is much more expensive and you'll pay sometimes 5 to 7 times more for a piece of jewelry which bears a famous designer's endorsement. Overall, average jewelry prices run from about $150 to $500, but smaller price tags can sometimes be found at discount department stores. Be sure you get all the necessary information before you make a purchase from this type of store, since they often deal in not only discontinued designs but also pieces which have slight flaws. If you're more interested in the designer label than the price, the expensive selections might be just your style, but if you're just looking for a genuine piece at rock-bottom prices, you can pick up a 14, 18 or 24 karat necklace, bracelet or ring at your local loan and pawn shop for about 1/3rd of the market value. Any purchase of this nature should be checked carefully for nicks, scratches or engravings.

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