Azzaro Fashion And Style

All about the Azzaro fashion designer label, including history, clothing and accessories.

Italy, Tunisia, France, the Mediterranean, the sea, the sky, fashion, and glamour all describe Loris Azzaro.A seventies fashion icon, Azzaro is probably better known with the younger set as a perfume label.True he has become well known for his perfume line, Chrome being one of the more popular men's fragrances around, but the style and elegance of Loris Azzaro encompasses much more than perfume.

Having dressed some of the most famous women in the world - Sophia Loren, Marisa Berenson, Brigitte Bardot, Tina Turner, Liza Minelli to name a few - it is fair to say that Loris Azzaro knew a thing or two about women and fashion.In fact, it is fair to say he had a passion for both.

Born in Tunisia of Italian heritage, Azzaro's passion for everything French came early.Coupled with his interest in art and the Mediterranean, Azzaro threw himself into the study of French literature and while at college he met his wife, Michelle, for whom he created his first fashion accessory pieces.

In the early sixties a move to Paris introduced Azzaro to the fashion world and he began his first job as a designer.He became known first as an accessory and jewelry designer, then a clothing designer, and finally a designer of fashion perfumes and fragrances.

Often described as a Parisian Halston, Azzaro's glamorous and effortless style begun in the seventies has made a recent comeback.Azzaro is, unfortunately, not around to see the return of his red carpet style.He died in 2003 of cancer.His assistant, Vanessa Seward, a child during Azzaro's initial design years, has taken the creative helm.Her connection to the early Azzaro years appears to be embedded in her like a compass.Inspired by the seventies but having a fresh focus has enabled Seward to bring the Azzaro name out of the mothballs and back into the limelight.

Azzaro's style was glam seventies and eighties eveningwear - crystal beading on silk jersey column silhouettes, draped bustiers, sheer layers, rhinestones - pure elegance and glamour.Having reached his height in the mid eighties, Azzaro's appeal died in the nineties.Instead Azzaro turned to the perfume making business, infusing his fragrances with the memories of his childhood.

Now you see vintage Azzaro designs being worn by Nicole Kidman, Diane Lane, and Naomi Watts among others of the new glamour set.The newer designs resemble the old with jersey and beading still part of the chic Azzaro style, just updated and fresh.

The new house of Azzaro has plans for a step beyond the red carpet.Beginning in 2005 you will see a new swimwear line, cashmere separates and the return of jewelry to the famous fashion line.Still housed in Paris, the House of Azzaro is one of the few design houses that design and manufactures their clothing.

In addition, look for the new exhibition at the FIT Museum titled "Glamour, Fashion, Film, Fantasy" in spring 2005.This exhibition includes several of Azzaro's original designs for the Hollywood set.The styles are described as sexy, elegant, and romantic.

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