What Is The B-Dry System?

What is the B-dry system? B-Dry System offers foundation repair, waterproofing, and basement leak prevention. We do foundation repair, but the company started with basement waterproofing and this is something...

We do foundation repair, but the company started with basement waterproofing and this is something that several people have crafted together. There are two reasons that a basement leaks. A basement is a hole in the ground and it is surrounded by water. The water actually puts a force that exerts on the basement; this is called the hydrostatic pressure. The material that the basement is constructed of develops tiny cracks, no matter how well the house is built or waterproofed. These cracks can provide an inlet for all the water under pressure that tries to get into your basement. Most builders and waterproofers don't understand that most of this water pressure gets under the floor and comes straight up. So nothing they do the outside of the walls will permanently eliminate this problem. B-Dry has devised a unique pattern which successfully manages this water pressure and permanently addresses all pathways that water can enter your basement. All waterproofing systems, which rely on resisting or downloading the water under pressure, will fail. We know that because 100% of our work is replacing failed systems that the builders had put in or a system installed later by another waterproofing contractor. Collectively the company has water proofed over 200,000 structures in the US dating back to 1958; all are covered by the strongest warrantee in the industry and it is to our knowledge the only one strong enough to be called a full warranty. So we wouldn't offer that kind of protection if we weren't operating a good system. Since 1958, 200,000 infrastructures protected haven't breached warrant.

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