Why Do Babies Cry?

Theories on why babies cry and what each specific cry means.

During the first few months of a baby's life, their only means of communication is crying. Most infants tend to cry between one to four hours a day. Older children can show or tell you what they want or what is wrong, but babies can only cry. As a parent, you need to pay close attention to your baby to figure out what he or she is trying to tell you. Every baby's cries are their own, but they tend to fall into one of the following categories; pain, hunger, fatigue, boredom and discomfort.

PAIN= A sharp scream, followed by a moment of no breathing, and another sharp scream.

HUNGER= A low pitched cry that rises and falls with a rhythm. The baby will usually root, suck on his or her hands and can't be calmed down.

FATIGUE= A soft, rhythmic cry as the baby tries to pacify and put themselves to sleep.

BOREDOM= A "fake" cry that stops when picked up.

DISCOMFORT= A whiny sound like the "fake" cry, but doesn't stop when picked up. Baby usually needs a diaper change or is too hot or cold.

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