Babies And Yeast Infections

A clear sign of a yeast infection in babies is blood in stool, colic, constant nursing, and always being hungry.

Babies can also get yeast infections. The symptoms include:

- blood in stool

- "colic"

- constantly hungry

- constant nursing

- upset stomach


These symptoms could be a sign of a more serious problem, and any infant with these symptoms should be seen by a pediatrician. Prior to administering any over the counter drug or product to your infant, you should always check with your pediatrician. This includes homeopathic or herbal products, as some are toxic or harmful to infants.

If your infant is suffering from a yeast infection, the cure is simple and fairly inexpensive: bacidophilus.

After trying them all on myself, I have found the inexpensive gel-cap found in your local drug store to be the most effective. I recommend finding one that is guaranteed to be dairy free, which should be clearly marked on the label usually near the ingredients. Many health food stores sell expensive forms of acidophilus in the refrigerated section. A pricey powder made for babies proved to be ineffective to my tot. Since I had already found the gel-cap to be working before making the switch, I was certain the powder did not when symptoms returned.

The doctor had prescribed Nystatin at one point. I took my daughter off of the acidophilus (even though it was working) and tried the prescription medication. While she was taking Nystatin, all the symptoms returned. Needless to say I discontinued it and returned to the acidophilus after consulting with the doctor.

Simply break open the gel-cap and squeeze the contents into baby's mouth (making certain you don't lose the capsule, which may gag baby). Do this once a day, (I prefer morning) until you see symptoms improve. You will notice baby's tongue becoming pink, and the white coating on her tongue starts to go away.

If you are breast feeding, you will need to take the acidophilus yourself. I usually break open a gel-cap and squeeze a little onto the nipples, and take the rest orally. If baby has a yeast infection, your nipples are certainly tainted as well. You will sometimes feel as though your toothless baby is biting you, this is a result of the yeast infection and will also subside with the acidophilus treatment.

You may need to continue with the acidophilus for a long period (I still use it off and on). If symptoms disappear, you can discontinue, but yeast infection may reappear and you'll have to start again. It usually takes a week or so to start seeing improvement.

I have even put the gel-cap contents on a yeasty diaper rash. One light application is usually all that is necessary. If this doesn't work, it's probably not yeast. You should also make sure that baby is dry at all times if he/she is prone to yeast infections. Changing a diaper as soon as it is wet, even with today's "dryer" diapers. Always change baby immediately after bowel movements to keep diaper rash to a minimum.

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