Baby Brain Development Activites

Twenty activities to create a stronger bond between you an your 0 to six month old baby, and to help boost brain development.

You have just brought your baby home and you are thinking about ways to further the bond between you while stimulating babies brain to begin teaching about the joys of learning about the world around them. Here are a few brain developing activities for your newborn to six month old.

1. Massage your baby in a soft relaxing way. There are courses and books on this subject that are worth looking into.

2. Do baby stretch sessions. Slowly straighten legs and arms. In the beginning do not completely straighten them as this can be painful. If you are gentle you may both enjoy this.

3. While you are changing or carrying the baby, talk. Tell her what you are doing. She will learn about your language and how to speak it from you. By pausing at the end of sentences you will also teach baby about conversation and speech patterns.

4. Many parents speak in a dramatized higher pitched way when they are talking to their baby. This is called parentese and has been shown to stimulate the brain and teach language skills faster.

5. Sing to your baby. With the repetition of the same songs your baby will learn about predictability.

6. Show your baby simple picture books. They should be in bright colors and no more than two or three objects on a page so that baby doesn't get overwhelmed.

7. Peek-a-boo teaches a baby about object permanence and that even if he can't see you, you are still there. This leads to trust which is fundamental to your infant.

8. Imitate facial expressions and babies sounds. She will learn that she can have an affect on her environment.

9. Vary your baby's positions at least every half hour when she is awake. Sit her on your lap, lay her on her front and then back. Let her sit in her baby carrier and a swing. This will expose her to different areas of her environment and also help so she doesn't get bored.

10. To practice her hearing take a rattle and shake it off to one side and behind her. She will begin to focus her hearing to find where the object is.

11. Give baby lots of different things to touch. Make sure nothing is too rough, but expose baby to different fabrics and textures.

12. When baby is laying on his back hang toys twelve-eighteen inches from his face. He will learn how to focus his eyes on the objects and they will keep him amused for awhile.

13. Let baby sit on your lap or if it is still very little lay across your thighs. Bounce your legs up and down softly. Many babies love this. It teaches about motion.

14. Give baby several safe toys to explore with her mouth, vary these toys throughout the day.

15. Clapping games and active songs are fun for baby as he gets older. Sing "Wheels on the Bus" moving babies hands to perform the actions.

16. Point out animals in the environment, state the name and tell baby the sound. Sometimes baby will pick up the sounds long before she will actually be able to say the name.

17. Sometimes baby may seem overwhelmed. It is a good idea to have a little quiet time each day. Darken the room, sit in a rocker and softly sing or just sit quietly. This relaxation together will teach techniques to calm you both.

18. Take baby for walks to give her fresh air and introduce her to new experiences.

19. Read rhyming poetry and nursery rhymes to introduce rhythms and patterns.

20. Tell your baby you love her, she will soon learn what it means and before long she will be able to reciprocate that love.

Have fun with these activities and have fun with your baby.

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