Baby Food Jar Crafts

Baby foood jars can be great craft items. Learn how to use baby food jars as decorative votive candle holders.

Do you have an abundance of baby food jars? This craft project is simple to complete and is a good way to recycle these jars. You can use them to decorate your home for any occasion or as a gift. They also make wonderful shower or reception favors and centerpieces. Looking for a project to complete with your children on a rainy day? With the proper supervision, this could be just what you are looking for. Choose the colors for your materials based on the decision you are preparing this project for.

Materials Needed: Several baby food jars, glass paint (assorted colors), and small tipped brushes (one for each color you choose, or you may opt to use paint containers with applicators already attached). Colored glitter, clear adhesive sealant (not a spray), wide brush to apply seal, spray paint, ribbon (thin), tea light candles, empty box, scissors, small container or dish of water for brush clean up, paper towels, and newspaper to cover workspace.

Alternative Thrifty Materials: Several baby food jars, nail polish (assorted colors), salt, clear nail polish, spray paint, wrapping paper ribbon, tea light candles, empty box, scissors, paper towels, newspaper to cover workspace.


Step one: Clean baby food jars and lids thoroughly, remove labels and glue. Set the lids aside for a later step. Allow everything to dry completely.

Step two: Turn empty box on its side. Place the lids to your jars into the empty box. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the lids using colors that coordinate with the colors you plan to paint the jars. Allow the lids to dry completely in the box before moving them. Parents: it is recommended you complete this step if you to choose to work on this project at home with your children due to the hazardous fumes caused by the spray paint. (You may wish to sprinkle glitter on to the still wet paint, then, in a well ventilated area, apply a coat of adhesive sealant with the wide brush once the glitter has dried to the paint.)

Step three: Paint designs on the baby food jars using the glass paint and small tipped brushes (or nail polish if you choose to complete this project using the thrifty materials).

Step four: Sprinkle a light dusting of glitter on to the still wet paint on the jars; allow to dry completely.

Step five: In a well-ventilated area, apply adhesive sealant over the entire painted surface and glittered areas to keep the glitter on longer. (If you choose the thrifty materials, do not use glitter. Apply a layer of clear nail polish over your painted designs and the rest of the surface of the jar. Shake on the salt to add shimmer when the candle shines through.) Allow to dry completely.

Step six: Place one tea light candle into each painted baby food jar. You may keep the tea light candles in the tins or remove them if you choose. White tea lights work well, though choosing colors to match your theme is very attractive.

Step seven: Screw the dried lids back on to the baby food jars.

Step eight: Tie a piece of ribbon (or wrapping paper ribbon curled at the ends if you choose the thrifty method) into a bow around the neck of each baby food jar.

Step nine: Recycle empty box or keep it for future craft projects.

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