Baby Food Jar Crafts: Organizer

This is a great how to project for those who have a lot of baby food jars to recycle and a lot of small odds and ends to organize in one convenient place.

Crafters and artists everywhere are faced with the same dilemma: what to do with small objects and supplies? Most have old cookie tins, small boxes, beaten up food storage containers or other recycled containers filled to their rims with things we don't know what to do with. Instead of keeping all these containers cluttering our workspace, why not get organized?

This craft project is simple to do and will provide a convenient place to store all the little odds and ends scattering about. By placing baby food jars on to a vertical shelf (one you may have already hung up or one you may need to install) will free up a lot of space in your work area.

Materials you will need to complete this project:

- pencil

- ruler

- ready made wooden shelf (you can make your own to save money, but buying one in the craft store will save a lot of time)

- several baby food jars (enough large enough to accommodate all your small odds and ends)

- screws (enough for two to be screwed into each baby food jar lid)

- drill

- drill bits and the appropriate screw driver head

Basic steps about how to complete this project:

Step 1: wash out all the baby food jars and lids, removing their labels and left over glue residue with WD-40 or Goo-Gone.

Step 2: place the ready-made wooden shelf upside-down onto your work surface

Step 3: Measure out how far apart you wish to have your jars hanging from each other using your pencil and ruler. Give plenty of room to twist the jar off the lid when it is hanging from the shelf. You may wish to have two rows of baby food jars alternating with each other depending on how wide your shelf is.

Step 4: Drill each lid to the underside of the shelf once the measurements are complete using two screws for each.

Step 5: Flip the shelf over so the lids are underneath.

Step 6: Hang the shelf in desired location of your work area.

Step 7: Fill the jars with desired odds and ends cluttering your work area.

Step 8: Screw the jars to the lids underneath the shelf. You should be able to see what is in each jar without another jar obstructing your view if you completed more than one row.

Other ideas you may wish to consider while completing this project:

- Place labels on each jar for quicker organization and clean up.

- Use the baby food jar organizer in the garage or basement (wherever there are small objects, such as screws, nuts, washers, etc. in need of storing.)

- Use the baby food jar organizer in your child's bedroom to organize beads, small toys, jewelry or other small objects.

- Convert the baby food jar organizer into a spice rack in the kitchen. Instead of using a shelf or piece of wood, consider drilling the lids right into the bottom of your cabinets (or wherever you would like to have your spices hanging).

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