Baby Health Care Gifts: Assembling A Baby Manicure Set

Everything you need to put together a baby manicure kit.

Whether you are preparing for your own newborn or want to put together a thoughtful baby gift, a baby manicure kit is indispensable. A baby manicure kit may also be called a baby grooming kit or baby care set. Learn about the implements and accessories to include in a baby manicure kit.

Baby-sized nail clippers: Nail clippers made for infants are smaller than those made for adults. This helps prevent nicks and cuts to baby's skin and allows the parent to shape the nail appropriately to baby's tiny fingers. Use high quality nail clippers since dull or misaligned cutters will make the nail trimming process a frustration. The same clippers can be used for the baby's fingers and toes.

Emery boards: Select small and fine emery boards for smoothing rough spots on baby's nails. Some parents prefer emery boards to clippers since there is no chance of accidentally cutting the baby's skin, however filing with an emery board does take more time and some babies do not like the sensation. A nail file can also be used but make sure it is extremely fine so it does not tear up the delicate nails.

Small scissors: Tiny manicure scissors are handy for clipping hangnails or fingernail pieces that are too small or delicately place to use clippers to cut. Scissors also come in handy in the nursery for removing tags and opening packages.

Hair brush: Even the baldest baby will eventually get some hair and a soft baby brush will keep that peach fuzz neat and tidy. Select a brush with extremely soft bristles. It should be small in order to work well on a baby's tiny head.

Comb: A comb works well for grooming wet or short hair. The comb should be of soft plastic and the teeth should be fairly close together to accommodate an infant's fine and often sparse hair.

Tweezers: Small, sharp, angled tweezers are a must-have the first time your baby or toddler gets a splinter. Make sure the tweezers close tightly and have a very sharp tip.

A case: Keep all of the baby-care items in a small case to keep them handy and safe. A small zippered cosmetics bag works very well for this purpose.

Soft nail brush: Even tiny infants manage to get dirt under their nails. A small and soft nail brush will allow you to gently clean under the edges of the fingernails at bath time.

Optional items:

While they are not traditional manicure items, it may be useful to add some other baby care items to the kit.


A digital thermometer is a must-have for new parents and including it in the grooming kit keeps it handy and safe. While ear thermometers are not as accurate as rectal or oral thermometers, they are much easier to use on an unhappy baby or toddler.

Nasal aspirator: Newborns do not have the ability to blow their noses, so the only way to get their nasal passages unclogged is to do it for them. A nasal aspirator is a small bulb that uses suction to remove mucous from a baby's nose.

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