Baby Immunizations

Your child will need plenty of doctor check ups during her early years. Learn about which baby immunization shots are needed.

Your physician and pediatrician will help you follow the necessary immunizations for your baby. But some vaccinations for babies are fairly standard across the country and across the population.

Typically, your child's vaccinations begin when your child reaches one year old. At 12 months of age your child will receive her MMR, which is a vaccination that consists of several vaccines against measels, mumps and rubella. It also includes a vaccine against chicken pox.

Three months later at 15 months of age, your child will get an HiB immunization, which is a vaccination against Hemophilus Influenza B. This is an infection that is known to cause meningitis and other sicknesses. She will also get her DPT, a vaccine against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus. Also, if your child didn't get her MMR vaccine at one year old, she'll get it at 15 months of age.

When your child reaches a year and a half old, she'll get any of the above vaccinations that she hadn't received to this point, as well as a polio vaccine.

The final round of toddler vaccinations comes at two years of age. This is when she's given a blood test for lead. In fact this doctor visit may not even include any vaccinations. The doctor will make sure she's healthy and up to date on all her vaccines. If she's not, she'll be given the vaccinations at this point. But if she's all up to date, she won't need any more vaccines until she's four or five years old (about the time she's ready to enter school).

Vaccinations are routine procedural shots that can keep your child healthy for a lifetime. Many of the immunizations are for diseases that frequently are seen in the early year's of a child's life. Many children don't like getting their immunizations because they often include getting shots in the arm. But they're well worth the minor bit of pain for the long run health of the child.

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