Baby Medicine

Everything you need for your baby's health. Description of what each medicine does for your infant.

When you have a baby in the house, it is important to have many medical necessities at hand. These things should be stored in a medicine chest or some other place where your baby can never get their hands on them. Most of these items are very harmful or lethal to your baby. Store them with care.

Medicine Chest:

LIQUID ACETAMINOPHEN: Buy both for infants and childrens. Example: Infant Tylenol

SYRUP OF IPECAC: Used to induce vomiting. Do not use without speaking to your doctor first.

ANTISEPTIC CREAM: Used for cuts and scrapes.

PEROXIDE: Used for cuts and scrapes.

CALAMINE LOTION/HYDROCORTISONE CREAM: Used for bites, rashes and poison ivy/oak.

RECTAL AND ORAL THERMOMETER: Used to take your baby's temperature.

COOL MIST VAPORIZER: Keeps the air moist around your baby when sick.

NASAL ASPIRATOR: Used to help clear your baby's congested nose.

TWEEZERS: Used to get splinters.

DROPPER/SYRINGE: Used to give your baby medicine.

BAND-AIDS AND GAUZE PADS: Used to cover wounds. Buy various sizes.

SUNSCREEN LOTION/CREAM: Used to protect your baby from sunburn.

ALCOHOL: Used only to clean thermometers.

ANTIBACTERIAL LOTION: Used to clean your hands before handling your baby when away from home.

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