Baby Name Meanings: Meanings For 50 Biblical Name Ideas

Looking for a name that has religious significance? Here's a list of more than fifty names that just might sound right for your baby.

Christian families often give their children names of heroes from the Bible.Giving your child a biblical name might strengthen his interest in learning about the men and women of the Bible.Think how excited your little one will be to recognize his own name when he listens to a Bible story about a long-ago hero that shared his name.Below is a list of fifty names for boys and girls along with a description of the person in the Bible who went by that name.The book(s) of the Bible where the story attached to the name can be found is in parentheses at the end of each description.

1. Aaron -Israel's first high priest; brother of Moses; spokesman when they appeared before Pharaoh. (Exodus, Numbers, Hebrews)

2. Abigail -wife of Nabal; saved David's life; later was widowed and married David.(I Samuel)

3. Abraham - father of the Jewish nation.God established a covenant with Abraham in which he promised that Abraham's descendents would become a great nation and that God would give to this nation the land of Canaan.Abraham passed the ultimate test when he showed that he was willing to slay his son Isaac for God.(Genesis, Romans, Hebrews)

4. Adam -the first person created by God; expelled from the Garden of Eden when he tasted the forbidden fruit.It is Adam's sin that caused all mankind to labor under the curse of sin.(Genesis, Romans)

5. Andrew -brother of Peter; one of Christ's twelve apostles.(Matthew, Acts)

6. Barnabas -an apostle who traveled with Paul on his first missionary journey.(Acts)

7. Bartholomew - also probably known as Nathanael; one of the twelve apostles. (Matthew, John, Acts)

8. Benjamin - younger brother of Joseph; the twelfth son of Jacob; son of Rachel.(Genesis)

9. Caleb - When ten other spies returned negative reports, Caleb's faith allowed him to go into Canaan.He gave a positive report and encouraged the Israelis to take Canaan.During the forty years of Israel's desert wandering, the other ten spies died.(Numbers, Deuteronomy)

10. Christian - To be called Christian is to be believed to be a follower of Christ.(Acts, I Peter)

11. Cornelius - the first Gentile Christian; a Roman to whom Peter preached the Gospel.(Acts)

12. Daniel - thrown into the lions' den when he was found praying to God in defiance of an edict; young Jewish exile; lived in Babylon during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar as well as several other kings.(Daniel)

13. David -killed the giant Goliath; anointed by Samuel to become the king of Israel; son of Jesse; Jesus' lineage can be traced back to David.(I Samuel, II Samuel)

14. Deborah - a prophetess who led Israel to victory over the Canaanites.(Judges)

15. Eli - Samuel spent the early years of his life with this high priest.(I Samuel)

16. Elijah - a prophet; predicted famine in Israel; taken to heaven in a whirlwind; later appeared at the transfiguration of Jesus.(I Kings, II Kings, Mark)

17. Elisha - prophet; took Elijah's place.(II Kings)

18. Elizabeth - when old, gave birth to John the Baptist.(Luke)

19. Enoch - a man who walked with God, and God eventually took him away.(Genesis)

20. Esau - firstborn in a set of twins born to Isaac; tricked out of his blessing by his twin brother Jacob, to whom he had also sold his birthright; the brothers were reunited later in life.(Genesis)

21. Esther - King Xerxes chose Esther, a Jewish woman, to be his Queen; she went to the king and successfully pled for the Jewish people when she heard of a plot to kill them.(Esther)

22. Eve - means "mother of all the living;" first woman God created; took the first bite of the apple.(Genesis)

23. Ezekial - priest who served as a prophet to the Jewish people while they were in exile in Babylon.(Ezekial)

24. Ezra - led a group of Jewish exiles back to Israel; priest and teacher; restored proper worship by helping the people to reestablish the temple of God.(Ezra)

25. Gabriel - angel who announced the births of Jesus and John the Baptist.(Luke)

26. Gideon - a judge of Israel. (Judges)

27. Hannah - prayed for a son.God gave her Samuel, who became a prophet and a judge of Israel.(I Samuel)

28. Isaac - the son that Abraham was ready to offer in sacrifice to God in a show of faith; father of Esau and Jacob.(Genesis)

29. Isaiah - prophet; prophesies about the coming Messiah.(Isaiah)

30. Israel - new name God gave to Jacob; northern ten tribes after they separated from Judah and Benjamin.(Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Ezekial, Luke, Romans, Ephesians)

31. Jacob - bought his twin brother Esau's birthright for a pot of stew; tricked his father Isaac into giving him his brother's blessing; buried by his son Joseph in Canaan, the promised land.(Genesis)

32. James - two different people named James in the Bible; one was the brother of Jesus; the other was one of the twelve apostles (became a leader in the church andwrote the letter of James in the New Testament).(Matthew, Mark, Acts, James, Galatians)

33. John - two different people name John in the Bible; John the Baptist (preached in the desert; prepared the people for the coming of Jesus; baptized Jesus in the Jordan river) and one of the twelve apostles (brother of the apostle James; a leader of the church; wrote the Gospel of John, the letters of John, and the book of Revelation).(Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Revelation)

34. Jonah - a prophet called to preach in Nineveh; ran away to Tarshish, where he was swallowed by a whale or big fish; reformed and went to Nineveh to preach.(II Kings, Jonah)

35. Jordan - river where John the Baptist baptized Jesus in Palestine.(Joshua, Matthew)

36. Joseph - four different people in the Bible named Joseph:a) husband of Mary, who was mother of Jesus; b) son of Jacob and Rachel, sold into slavery by his brothers; c) a disciple from Arimathea, gave Jesus his tomb; and d) the original name of Barnabus.

37. Joshua - succeeded Moses; led the Israelites into Canaan (the promised land) across the Jordan River; defeated Jericho; divided Canaan among the twelve tribes of Israel.(Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Ezra, Haggai)

38. Judah - Jacob's fourth son; one of the twelve tribes of Israel.(Genesis, Jeremiah, Zechariah)

39. Luke - a doctor; one of the twelve apostles; wrote the books of Luke and Acts.(Luke, Acts, Colossians)

40. Mark - cousin of Barnabas; worked with Barnabus and Paul; one of the twelve apostles of Christ; wrote the Gospel of Mark.(Mark, Acts, Colossians, Philemon)

41. Martha - sister of the man Jesus raised from the dead, Lazarus.(John)

42. Mary - three different people name Mary in the Bible:a) mother of Jesus; b) Mary Magdalene - Jesus freed from demons, was present at the cross; came to the tomb and saw the resurrected Jesus; c) sister of Martha and Lazarus.(Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts)

43. Matthew - one of the twelve apostles; former tax collector; sometimes called Levi.(Matthew, Mark)

44. Miriam - sister of Moses and Aaron; led singing and dancing in praise of God after he parted the Red Sea.(Exodus, Numbers)

45. Moses - led Israel out of Egypt to the edge of the promised land, Canaan.(Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)

46. Naomi - Ruth's mother-in-law.(Ruth)

47. Nathanael - One of the twelve apostles; may also have been called Bartholomew.(Matthew)

48. Paul - Pharisee who persecuted Christians; formerly named Saul; struck temporarily blind by God on the road to Damascus; reformed, became an apostle; New Testament contains a lot of his writings.(Acts, Galatians)

49. Rebekah - Isaac's wife; mother of twins Esau and Jacob.(Genesis)

50. Ruth - ancestor of David and Jesus; Moabite woman who remained loyal to her mother-in-law; married Boaz.(Ruth, Matthew)

Bonus Section

If those fifty names weren't enough, here's another ten to consider:

1. Samson - one of the judges; married to Delilah, who betrayed him; his strength was in his hair; died when he crushed the Philistines by knocking out pillars.(Judges)

2. Samuel - one of the judges; first prophet; mother Hannah dedicated him to the Lord; raised by Eli; anointed Saul as king, but anointed David king when God rejected Saul; protected David from Saul.(Hebrews, I Samuel, II Samuel)

3. Sarah - originally named Sarai; wife of Abraham; mother of Isaac; God promised her a son (Isaac) when she was old even though she'd been barren for most of her life.

4. Saul - two different people name Saul in the Bible; first king of Israel, and original name of Paul.(I Samuel, Acts, Galatians)

5. Solomon - wise man; asked God for wisdom when he became king and was granted his request; built the temple and dedicated it to God; son of David and Bathsheba; had many wives, which separated him from God.(II Samuel, I Kings)

6. Thaddaeus - one of the twelve apostles; son of James; may also have been known as Judas (not the traitor).(Mark, Luke, Acts)

7. Thomas - one of the twelve apostles; doubted Jesus' resurrection until he saw proof.(Luke, John, Acts)

8. Timothy - official representative of Paul; joined Paul on his second missionary trip; co-authored with Paul.(Acts, I Corinthians, I Thessalonians, II Thessalonians, I Timothy, II Timothy, Titus, Philemon)

9. Titus - Gentile; worked with Paul.(II Corinthians, Galatians, Titus)

10. Zechariah - a prophet and priest; was in Babylonian captivity; urged the Jewish people to rebuild the temple.(Ezra, Zechariah)

Most of these are old names that were well-used many years ago; but many of them are timeless, and some are making a comeback.To give your baby a name that has religious significance to you is to give him one of the finest gifts he'll receive.

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