Baby Names: Biblical Name Ideas For Boys And Girls

This article discusses children's names and gives several examples of boys and girls names from the Bible.

In this age of naming children after soap opera characters and trashy romance heroines, many parents are turning to more traditional sources for their children's names. Since many wish to honor their religious beliefs and/or heritage, they will find the Bible is an excellent resource for names for children. Biblical names have been popular for boys and girls for centuries.

Biblical names carry with them a feeling of respect and dignity. They are usually names that will serve the child well, even into old age. Even if the parents are not honoring a particular religious tradition, they can still look at Biblical names as a way of conferring a classic, timeless name on their children.

Biblical names, even the common ones, are also distinctive in a good way. In this age of Britneys, Whitleys, Harleighs and Tiffanys, names like "Ruth" and "Julia" are stand-outs. When boys are so commonly named "Hunter," "Austin" and "Dakota," being named "Benjamin," "Joshua" or "Samuel" will set the child apart, but in a positive way.

Of course, parents will need to consider whether they want the Biblical name to be the first or middle name. If they are thinking about a first name, they will want to choose a more common name, to minimize the child being ridiculed for having an odd first name (eg. "Zerubbabel"). There are some names that are a bit less common than say, David or Paul, that are still acceptable as first names, such as Levi or Asa.

Middle names are not quite as critical, since it is likely the child's friends will not know the name, unless the child chooses to tell them.

Here then, is a list of some good names for boys and girls, from the Bible.

Boys (first or middle names): Adam, Aaron, Asa, Asher, Bartholomew, Benjamin, Cain, Caleb, Daniel, David, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jesse, Joel, John, Joseph, Joshua, Josiah, Levi, Luke, Mark, Matthew, Matthias, Micah, Michael, Paul, Peter, Nathaniel, Samuel, Seth, Simeon, Solomon, Stephen, Thaddeus, Thomas, Timothy.

Mostly middle names: Absalom, Amos, Demas,Elijah, Elisha, Ephraim, Gabriel, Jehoachin, Jehu, Jude, Malachi, Manasseh, Nahum, Philemon, Rufus, Silas, Titus.

Girls (first or middle names): Claudia, Dinah, Dorcas, Elizabeth, Esther, Eve, Hannah, Jemimah, Joanna, Judith, Julia, Keren, Leah, Lydia, Martha, Mary, Miriam, Phoebe, Priscilla, Rachel, Rebekah, Ruth, Sarah, Tabitha.

Mostly middle names: Bernice, Eunice, Lois, Naomi, Persis, Rahab, Tamar.

There are, of course, many, many other names listed in the Bible. Just looking through the book of Numbers or I and II Chronicles in the Old Testament will give a huge number of names. Some may or may not be suitable as first names in this day and age, but there are surely several I have missed in this article.

One goal parents should have when naming children is to think about how the name will sound when the child is 50 or 60. Most Biblical names will stand a child in good stead when he or she is 5 or 55. That is the test of the best names.

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