Baby Names: Classic Baby Name Ideas For Boys And Girls

Find a great name for your baby boy or baby girl that won't be trendy and will never go out of style. Historical naming tips.

Choosing your child's name is an important decision.The selection you make now will affect your child for the rest of his or her life.Many parents opt to choose names that have a long history and have been used widely for generations. This category of names is often referred to as classic names.Classic names should not be confused with names that are common or trendy.A common name that is widely used one year may not be used very much in the next ten as parents tire of it and look for fresher alternatives.A name that is trendy now may fade into oblivion and never get used again.

Classic names are names that have stood the test of time and held appeal to parents of many different eras.They are the kinds of names that have been given to many historical leaders or the sort of names that can be found in the Bible and great literature.Though these names can also be common or trendy they are names that will still sound fine now or ten years from now.

Choosing a classic name offers many advantages.Most classic names are easy for many people to spell and pronounce.They can offer a child a role model to look up to and admire like Eleanor Roosevelt or Thomas Jefferson.They will not tie your child to a specific decade or era.Very often the classic name has several nicknames so you child can decide if she wants to be Alexandra, Alex, Lexie or Zandra.James is a name that functions well when your child is a baby.It's also a name that will work nicely when he grows up.

There are a few disadvantages to choosing a classic name.Many classic names are very popular so your child might constantly have to identify herself as Hannah L. rather than just Hannah.A child might not feel that he or she is unique because many people before her have had the same name.

Some examples of girls names that can be labeled classic are Abigail, Alexandra, Alice, Amanda, Anne, Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte, Deborah, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Emily, Eve, Grace, Hannah, Isabella, Jane, Jennifer, Jessica, Josephine, Julia, Margaret, Mary, Martha, Miranda, Patricia, Rachel, Rebecca, Ruth, Sarah, Victoria and Virginia.

Elizabeth is very good illustration of the implications a classic name can convey.Parents can find many famous Elizabeths including two Queens of England and movie star Elizabeth Taylor.Like countless other classic names Elizabeth has spawned numerous nicknames such as Lizzie and Bess.There are dozens of other names that derive from this name including Beth, Elsa, Lisa and even Isabelle. If you don't like Elizabeth or find it too widespread you can chose a variant of the name such as Eliza.

Many of the most popular male names of the last decade fall into the classic name category.

A few examples of classic male names are Adam, Alexander, Andrew, Anthony, Benjamin, Charles, Christopher, Daniel, David, Edward, Edwin, George, Gabriel, Harry, Henry, Isaac, Jacob, James, John, Joshua, Louis, Luke, Matthew, Michael, Peter, Philip, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Simon, Thomas, Timothy and William.

William is another good illustration of the quintessential classic name.From princes to presidents to authors and actors this is another widely used name that still does not sound tired.Authentic ethnic variants of William include the Irish Liam and the German Wilhelm.If your child does not like being called William he can chose nicknames that include Bill, Billie, Will or Willie.

If you decide to give your child a classic name it is best to stick to the classic spelling.Many classic names are names that most people are already familiar with.Stick to the spelling that most people know so your child will not have to constantly correct people. Classic names offer many great naming options for your baby.Choose one of the many classic possibilities available and provide your child with a great gift.

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