Baby Names: French Name Ideas For Boys And Girls

Your baby is on his or her way and you are searching for some names. How about checking out these French-inspired names?

Your little baby is on the way and everything is ready for his or her arrival. Maybe you and your husband have been thinking of baby names since the wedding or maybe you are just beginning to start worrying about coming up with the perfect name for your new baby boy or girl. Have you ever thought of choosing a French name? Sure they can sound exotic, but you can bet not many American babies will have a French name. Here is a list of some common boy and girl French names.

Girl Names

Adora: Beloved one

Amelie: French version of Amelia, also a French movie

Babette: Lovely or a stranger

Bebe: Baby, also a French boutique

Bedelia: Strong

Belle or Bella: Beauty

Bonamy: To be a good friend

Brie: A region in France

Caresse: Beloved one

Carissa: One who has a gentle touch

Caron: To be pure

Chanel: A canal, also a popular perfume

Chantal: Song or a place full of stones

Charlene: Something tiny and beautiful

Charlotte: One who is feminine and petite

Cheryl: One who is dear

Deja: Before, as in "deja vu"

Demi: Petite or half

Destinee: Destiny

Destry: A horse used in war

Dominique: Someone who belongs to God

Dori: Blond hair

Drew: Vision or solid

Elise: French version of Elizabeth

Elita: Special one

Elle: A girl or a woman

Fantine: To be like a child

Faye: A fairy

Felicite: One who is fortunate, also the French version of Felicity

Fleur: A flower

Genevieve: Wave

Ghislaine: A pledge

Jamari: One who is considered a warrior

Jenay: A type of plant

Jolie: One who is merry or pretty

Leala: One who is loyal

Magnolia: A type of flower

Margot: French version of Margaret

Marvelle: Miracle

Musetta: Ballad

Noella: Christmas

Odette: A home that is happy

Remy: One who is from Rheims

Riva: A river

Roslin: Red hair

Sigourney: A king who is considered to be daring

Soleil: The sun

Sydney: From the city of St. Denis

Tempest: A storm

Voletta: One who is veiled

Yvonne: A young archer

Boy Names

Algernon: One who sports a mustache

Armand: Of the army

Bailey: One who is able

Beau: One who is considered handsome

Bellamy: A handsome friend

Berenger: To have the courage of a bear

Bogart: To be as strong as a bow

Boyce: Woodland

Byron: Bear or something from a cottage

Chancellor: Secretary

Chandler: One who makes candles

Chapin: A clergyman

Corbin: One who has black hair

Delano: Of the night

Egil: The edge of something, or a sting

Flannery: Flat piece of land or metal

Franklin: Freedom or free man

Frasier: A strawberry

Garland: A wreath

Guy: A guide

Hamlin: One who loves their home

Javier: January

Lance: Land

Lionel: Lion cub

Marcel: Small hammer

Marlon: Small hawk

Mason: A stoneworker

Maurice: A moor or dark

Montgomery: Mountain hunter

Mortimer: Still body of water

Noel: Christmas

Norman: From the north

Oliver: Peace or olive tree

Orville: Somebody from the golden village

Pascal: One who is born during Easter

Ray: King

Rush: To have red hair

Sinjon: Saint John

Talbot: Reward

Travis: A crossing

Warren: Game keeper

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