Baby Names: German Name Ideas For Boys And Girls

Looking for a German name for your baby boy or girl? Here is a list of names with German origin and their meanings.

Germans are known for their very vibrant and, sometimes, horrific history. They are also known for their steadfastness and superior workmanship, in addition to their famous authors and artists. If you are a German descendent or simply want to honor the German heritage, why not pick a German-inspired name for your baby boy or baby girl?

German Boy Names

Adalrico - One who is rich or powerful

Adelfried - One who has the responsibility to protect all descendants

Adelmo - A protector

Alfons - One who is noble

Anton - A person who is praise-worthy

Blaz - A steadfast protector

Carsten - One who follows Christ

Claudius - One who is lame

Cort - A bold person

Dedrick - A different version of the name Theodoric; one who rules

Dietrich - See "Dedrick"

Egmont - A weapon or somebody who defends

Franz - A person who is free; a person who comes from France

Fritz - A ruler who rules with peace

Geert - Strength or bravery

Gottfried - A different version of the name Geoffrey; one who is peaceful

Gunther - A warrior full of strength

Handel - Stands for the phrase "God is graciouis;" name of a world-renowned composer

Heinrich - German version of name Henry

Helmuth - A helmet or one who has courage

Horst - Someone who comes from the hills or woods

Hugo - One who is mindful

Jakob - Biblical name; also one who takes another's place

Johannes - Refers to phrase "God is gracious"

Kasimir - One who destroys

Kelby - One who comes from the farm located by a spring

Konrad - German version of name Conrad

Leonard - One who has the bravery of a lion

Ludwig - Warrior

Oskar - One who is blessed with the skills of a spear

Rafael - One who has been healed by God

Reinhold - A ruler full of wisdom and power

Salomo - One who is full of peace

Strom - Tree

Tibold - One who leads the people boldly

Viktor - One who conquers

German Girl Names

Adelaide - Different version of name Adele; also one who is noble

Adolfina - One who is a hero of noble birth

Anneliese - Combination of names Liese and Anna; Anna refers to one who is has God's favor; Liese refers to one who has been consecrated to God

Arabelle - Refers to an eagle of great beauty

Brigitte - Variation of name Bridget; one who is full of spirit

Carleigh - Freeholder

Edeline - Variation of name Adele; one who is both full of kindness and nobility

Frederika - One who rules with peace

Gretchen - Pearl

Idonia - One who is industrious

Katrine - Variation of name Catherine; pure

Klara - Refers to a county in Ireland; one who is famous

Lareyne - Refers to a province located on the borders of Germany and France

Leopolda - One who leads boldly

Liesl - Variation of name Elizabeth

Lora - Tree; laurel wreath

Lorraine - See Lareyne

Lulu - Nickname for Louise; also a famed maiden warrior

Magda - One who comes from the Magdala village

Morgen - Morning

Raine - Giving advice or helping with a decision

Romy - Sea dew or herb

Rosalind - Ancient German word for horse

Roslyn - See Rosalind

Ruperta - Feminine version of name Robert; famous

Steffi - Feminine version of name Stephen; crown

Uschi - Bear that is female

Walda - One who rules

Zelinda - Victorious shield

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