Baby Names: German Name Ideas For Boys And Girls

A list of Germanic boy's and girl's moniker to consider for a baby's names.

Everyone wants to choose the perfect name for their child.Some want them to have a modern feel, and some want a more traditional name.Some people even search for months for the perfect combination of the both.

Many people turn to a foreign language to find a name that reflects their heritage, or to find a name that stands out.One great example of a language people like is German.When many people think of German names, they think of names like Adolph, and Brunhilde, but if you look a little harder you'll see there are many more great names to choose from. If you're looking for a classic name to reflect your heritage, or a trendy or unique name to set your offspring apart from the crowd, you're sure to find some great choices among the German language.


It's so hard sometimes to find a perfect boy's name, especially if you want one that is unique; here are some masculine German names that seem perfect for today.

Adler- eagle.Great nature-y and masculine name.

Bailey- able.Short meaning, but the name sounds handsome and unique.

Baldwin- bold friend. Seems fancy, manly, and handsome.

Burke- birch tree.A great boyish, outdoorsy name.

Chay & Clay- man, or mortal.Simple meaning, modern sounding names.

Conrad- brave councilor.A classic manly name, conveys power.

Dieter- people's ruler.Unique, powerful meaning.

Dixon- Richard's son.Would be great for a son of a Richard!Sounds modern and unique.

Elden & Eldon- of old age.Not a great meaning, but both very nice, masculine sounding names.

Fremont- guardian of freedom.Very unique and patriotic.

Hasting- swift one.You could choose it for its meaning and hope for a quick-footed child, but it also sounds intelligent and powerful.

Johann- God's gracious gift.Beautiful and classical name.

Keifer- barrel maker.Not a great meaning, but a handsome name.

Leonard, Leo, & Leon- bold lion.Conveys strength, intelligence, and importance.

Yale- one who produces.A unique name, sounds important and business oriented.


With so many beautiful girls' names out there, the German names hardly seem to be around.Some people think many of them sound too masculine, but here are a few that are very feminine, and still roll nicely off the American tongue.

Adelina- noble one.Beautiful name, slightly unusual.

Agneta- pure.Sounds like a sweet version of Agnes.

Ava- a bird.Not much of a meaning, but a simple, and sweet name.

Galiana- supreme one.A little unusual, sounds very feminine.

Giselle- a pledge.Brings to mind thoughts of gracefullness and beauty.

Heidi- noble, kind.Classical, sweet name.

Leyna- little angel.Sweet meaning, cute name.

Lorelei- from the Rhine River.Beautiful, starting to gain popularity, so it's not so unusual anymore.

Morgen- morning.The E makes it looks more feminine, kind of a trendy name.

Nixie- a water sprite.Cute, short name.Has a modern, trendy feel.

Odelia- praise God.Very beautiful name sounds very feminine and graceful.

Richelle- brave one.Sounds a bit like Rachel, but with a bit of uniqueness.

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