Baby Names: Italian Name Ideas For Boys And Girls

You want an Italian name for your new baby boy or girl? Try one of these.

Planning for a baby can be so much fun and sometimes a bit stressful. You've signed up for lamaze class and packed your hospital bag. You and your spouse have also spent weekends decorating the nursery and making it perfect for baby's arrival. There's only one thing left on your long list of things to do: pick your new baby's name. This is probably one of the most difficult decisions you and your partner will make before the baby comes. Sure it was hard deciding what color to paint the baby's room or what theme to give it, but a name will be with your baby forever. You will, of course, want to choose wisely. Maybe you have an Italian ancestry or maybe you just love the idea of a truly European name. Maybe you've been to Italy and thought it was grand or maybe you just love Italian fashion designers. Who knows? Maybe you've seen "The Godfather" one too many times. Go through this list and try on these Italian boy and girl names for size.

Italian Girl Names

Adelaide: Noble ways

Alessandra: Female Italian version of Alexander

Amalia: Persevering

Andria: Joy and love

Annabella: Literally stands for beautiful Anna

Belladonna: Literally stands for beautiful woman

Benedetta: Speaking well

Bianca: Something that is white

Carlotta: Italian version of Charlotte

Daphne: Laurel plant

Donata: Considered a gift from God

Esta: Coming from the east

Eva: Italian version of Eve

Farfalla: A butterfly

Filomena: Faithful to friendship and love

Fiorella: Small flower

Fiorenza: A flower or the Italian version of Florence

Gianina: Stands for the phrase "God is gracious"

Isabella: Consecrated to God

Lanza: Eager

Liona: Female lion

Lucia: A light

Maddalena: A woman of Magdala or Italian version of Madeline

Margherita: Italian version of Margaret

Mariabella: Literally stands for beautiful Maria

Mia: Mine

Milena: Beloved

Mona: Peaceful or individual

Nicola: Italian versin of Nicole or female Italian version of Nicolas

Paola: Small

Prima: First in line

Quorra: Heart

Romana: Somebody from Rome

Rosalie: A rose

Rufina: Someone who has red hair

Sienna: Burnt orange or brown color

Sophia: Italian version of Sofia; wisdom

Tessa: A countess

Valeria: Somebody who exhibits strength or valor

Venetia: Somebody from Venice

Viola: Italian version of Violet

Viviana: somebody who is full of light

Zola: A ball of earth

Italian Boy Names

Adolfo: A wolf

Agostino: Somebody who is considered respectable

Carmine: A song

Dante: Something that is lasting

Dino: A little sword

Domani: Tomorrow

Donato: A present

Drago: A dragon

Enrico: The head of the household

Fabiano: A farmer of beans

Fico: Fig

Fidelio: Somebody who is faithful

Gerodi: A hill

Giancarlo: Powerful and gracious

Gino: Of noble birth

Giorgio: Italian version of George

Giovanni: Italian version of John

Gitano: A gypsy

Giulio: Young or youthful

Guido: A forest guide

Gustavo: A staff of the gods

Ilario: Full of good cheer

Lazzaro: God will help

Leo: A lion

Leonardo: Resembling a lion

Luigi: A warrior

Marco: Italian version of Mark or Marc

Mario: Italian version of Marius

Massimo: The greatest

Matteo: Italian version of Matthew

Maurizio: Dark haired

Napoleon: Somebody that is from the city of Naples

Neroli: An orange blossom

Nino: Stands for the phrase "God is gracious"

Primo: First in line

Raffaello: Basis for Italian name Rafael

Rocco: Restful

Romeo: A pilgrim to Rome

Sal: Condensed version of Salvador

Santo: A saint

Taddeo: A courageous man

Tino: Small or slight

Ugo: Bright in spirit and mind

Vittorio: A warrior or conquerer

Zanipolo: A small gift from God

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