Baby Names: Korean Name Ideas For Boys And Girls

Adopting a child from korea is made better if naming them can show cultural heritage. Meaning for some common names and introduction to traditions.

There are many different reasons on how a child receives their given name.They are told that they were named after their mother or their father or maybe their grandfather or grandmother.Some of us may have been named after a favorite character in a movie or television show.Some families will name a child because of family heritage.My own daughter was given her name because of family heritage.Some of us are not so fortunate as to have children of our own and decide to adopt.When adopting outside our own nationality, carrying on the family heritage and culture is something to seriously consider.Raising the adoptive child while valuing their heritage will allow them to understand how important tradition is and will help them to continue their homeland traditions with their offspring.Korean adoption is a good cultural example.The following is brief explanation on Korean family tradition and may come in handy, if deciding to adopt internationally.

Koreans write their surname (family name) first, followed by their given name with out any comma separating the surname from the given name, (for example, Kim Soo).Koreans with the same surname who come from the same hometown are not allowed to marry each other.This is because the people with the same surname are considered family members, even if they are only distantly related.If two people with the same surname meet, they immediately ask for their ancestral hometown before they get seriously involved.Korean women keep their surname when married and the children usually use their father's surname.Some Koreans may insist that they be called by their surname.When a couple has a child, the father in-law names the child and the given name usually has two syllables.The given name of the child is meant to carry a "wish" for the child's life.

The following is a list of Korean Baby names and their meanings

Female names Meaning

Bo-Bae treasure, precious

Cho butterfly, beautiful

Dae greatness

Ha-Neul sky (can also be used for a boy's name)

Hea grace

Jin jewel(can also be used for a boy's name)

Joo-Eun silver pearl

Kyon brightness

Min cleverness

Moon letters

Shin belief

Soo long life

Sun goodness (can also be used for a boy's name)

Yon lotus blossom

Male names Meaning

Bae inspiration

Chin precious one

Gi brave one

Ho goodness

Joo-Chan praise the lord

Jung righteous

Kwan strong

Seung successor, winning

Yong brave one

The names listed above are the most popular Korean names and are just a sample. If you choose to adopt a child of Korean decent, you may use the above examples as the given name for the child or you may choose to use a popular American given name and use a Korean name from the list above as a middle name for the child.It is important to retain the Korean culture.Koreans value their homeland and the traditions that go along with it, and the agencies may take that into careful consideration when it comes to international adoptions.

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