Baby Names: Scottish Name Ideas For Boys And Girls

Do you want to name your baby something Scottish? Here are some boy and girl names for you to choose from!

Those of Scottish ancestry are fiercely proud of their heritage. From their rich and turbulent history to their inspiring literature, Scots have much to be proud of. When one thinks of a Scottish person, they are inclined to buy into the stereotype of a bagpipe-playing, haggis-eating, kilt-wearing Scotsman. However, many are unaware of how much impact the Scottish people have had on the world at large. In America alone, there are over fourteen million people who are of Scottish ancestry. Over thirty Presidents of the United States are/were part Scottish, including Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. If you are in the process of searching for the perfect name for your baby, here are some Scottish boy and girl names from which you can choose.

Scottish Boy Names

Abernethy - Literally refers to the mouth of the river named Nethy

Adhamh - Scottish version of the biblical Adam, the man that God created first

Aindreas - Scottish version of the name Andrew, means one who is very courageous and manly

Alasdair - Someone who protects man/mankind

Alastair - Different version of the above "Alasdair"

Angus - One who has much strength

Baird - One who is a minstrel

Blair - Can be both a boy's name and a girl's name, means coming from the fields

Boyd - One who has blond hair

Calum - A dove

Campbell - The name of a famous Scottish clan from the highlands, also somebody whose mouth is crooked

Craig - A rock

Dalziel - One who comes from a small field

Davis - The son of David

Diarmad - One who does not have envy

Donald - One who rules the whole world

Douglas - One who comes from the darkened stream

Duncan - A warrior with dark skin

Earvin - A variation of a place called Irving

Errol - One who wanders

Ervin - Different spelling of "Earvin"

Eumann - One who is both a protector and prosperous

Ewan - One who is born of the Yew tree

Farquhar - One who is considered dear

Fingal - A stranger with fair skin

Forbes - One who is prosperous (which explains the name of the financial magazine)

Gilmer - One who serves the blessed Virgin Mary

Gordon - A hill that is triangular in shape

Guthrie - One who comes from a place that is windy

Hewie - Represents both the mind and the heart

Iagan - One who is little and fiery

Irving - Somebody who is considered both fair and handsome

Kelso - Name of a town in Scotland (also name of character in "That 70s Show")

Kelvin - One who is friendly to ships

Kenneth - One who is born of fire or is considered handsome

Kester - Scottish version of the name Christopher, one who bears Christ

Laughlin - One who comes from the land of the lochs

Macdonald - Son of Donald

Mackenzie - One who is the son of a handsome man

Maxwell - One who comes from the Mangus stream

Murdoch - Someone who is a mariner

Murray - Refers to the Moray region

Ross - One who comes from the meadow

Tomas - Scottish form of Thomas, twins

Scottish Girl Names

Aileen - Scottish version of Helen, also the sun's light

Ainsley - Can be used both for boy or girl, meadow

Christie - One who follows Christ

Euna - Another version of Juno

Fiona - A type of wine or one who is considered fair

Grier - One who is always watchful

Iona - Refers to a Hebridean island

Kyla - Girl version of masculine Kyle, coming from the strait

Lindsey - Coming from a surname

Manhattan - Whiskey

Rona - An island

Sheena - Comes from phrase, "God is gracious"

Shona - Same as Sheena

Skye - Refers to an island located in the Inner Hebrides

Zena - One who defends mankind

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