Baby Names: Southern Name Ideas For Boys And Girls

Tips and ideas for giving a baby a southern-inspired first or middle name. Advice for naming children with tradition monikers.

There are different ways that people go about naming a baby: and the South has its own naming strategies""

Double names: Southerners seem to like to combine two names as one. Examples: Samantha Jo, Hannah Marie, or Billy Ray.

Location names: These are names of Southern cities or states. Examples: Jackson, Alexandria, Georgia, Austin, or Virginia.

Nature names: Often Southern names are inspired by the landscape.Examples: Brooke, Jasmine, Forrest, Camellia, Lane or Rose.

Gender neutral names: These names rank as some of the most popular names chosen. Examples: Taylor, Madison, Leslie or Ashley.

Personality names: These names are generally how the parent wants the child to be perceived.Examples: Hunter, Beau, Grace or Christian.

Religious names: The South is greatly influenced by the Bible. Examples: Joshua, Michael, Abigail, Sarah, Faith, Trinity and Elizabeth.

Another common practice among the South is to give children nicknames.William might be the birth name but the person will inevitably be called "Billy."The nickname "Bubba" also seems to be a common nickname for males and "Sissy" for females no matter what the birth name is.

The names listed below are taken from internet lists for the top names from 1990 to 2003 of various southern states (such as Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri) or taken from popular fiction or lore and the south (songs, books, movies and websites).


Abigail, Alexandria, Alexis, Alyssa, Amanda, Amber, Anna, Annabell Ashley, Ashton, Augusta, Blanche, Brett, Brianna, Brooke, Camellia, Charline, Carline, Chloe, Courtney, Darline, Daisy, Deana, Delta, Dixie, Dolly, Earline, Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Emmy, Faith, Georgia, Grace, Hannah, Harline, Jasmine, Jennifer, Jessica, Jo-Dee, Kayla, Laura, Lauren, Leann, Leslie, Loretta, Lorrie, Louise, Lynn, Madeline, Madison, Marie, Megan, Morgan, Naomi, Nicole, Olivia, Patsy, Patty, Pollyanna, Rachel, Reba, Rebecca, Rhonda, Rose, Samantha, Sarah, Savannah, Scarlett, Shania, Sissy, Susannah, Susanne, Suzy, Sydney, Tammy, Tanya, Taylor, Thelma, Trinity, Trisha, Victoria, Virginia, Wynonna


Abraham, Alan, Alexander, Andrew, Anthony, Austin, Beau, Billy, Blake, Brady, Brandon, Bubba, Buck, Buddy, Caleb, Charles, Chet, Christian, Christopher, Cledus, Clint, Cody, Colin, Conway, Cooper, Daniel, Daryl, David, Duke, Dwayne, Dwight, Dylan, Earl, Eddy, Ethan, Forrest, George, Glenn, Grant, Hal, Hank, Hunter, Jacob, Jackson, James, Jeb, Jebidiah, Jeff, Jeffery, Jesse, Jett, Jimmy, Joe, John, Jonathan, Johnny, Jose, Joseph, Josie, Joshua, Junior, Justin, Kenny, Lane, Lee, Leroy, Luke, Mark, Marty, Matthew, Mel, Michael, Neil, Nicholas, Noah, Orry, Parker, Randy, Ray, Raymond, Rhett, Ricky, Roscoe, Ryan, Samuel, Sawyer, Toby, Travis, Tristan, Tyler, Vince, Wade, Waylon, Wayne, Warren, William, Zachary

Here are a few more, last minute, tips for baby naming:

1.Avoid rhyming first and last names (Anna Hannah), unusual or silly combinations (Candy Kane), or forming acronyms from the initials (MSN). These names can deprive your child of individuality and cause for some teasing in life.

2.Avoid cutesy or baby names.A baby will eventually grow up to be an adult and you want them to be a successful and respected adult.Names like "Pookie" or "Bubba" are fine for nicknames, but not a birth name.

3.Use conventional spelling. It can be fun and adventurous to really play with the spelling but consider the fact that your child will have to go through life spelling it for everyone.

4.Consider family traditions. To be a Junior or "the 3rd" can be an honor. But if dad is John and son is also John it can become confusing.Consider if this is going to be a problem or if you want the middle name to be the family name. Choosing a name that honors a family member can be a precious gift-if the name is one with which you're comfortable.

5. Think it over. Create a list of names and say them aloud to other family members or friends. Listen to how each name sounds with your surname.

Following these tips may help you settle on a couple of names before the baby is born. Or you may find the best solution is to wait until you're holding that brand new baby to decide.

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