How Baby Shopping Cart Seat Liners Work

Germs lurk even in the most harmless of places. Learn how to protect your little one from germ, bacteria and viruses at the grocery store by learning how shopping cart seat liners work.

Moms everywhere are worried about germs and rightfully so. From pink eye to the common cold, you don't need to tell them about the battery of illnesses that can spread like wildfire in typical environments with many children. But perhaps what they're not considering is that germs that can lurk in places that seem harmless. Places that they visit all the time.

Take, for example your typical grocery store. With its pristine isles and streak free deli case windows, it's probably not a place you'd typically think of as harbingers of diseases that could potentially harm your children. Think again. The germs that lurk here aren't found in the bathroom, changing stations, or even toilet handle. The major offender here is right under your fingertips: your grocery cart. Researchers have found bacteria and fungus from raw meat, produce and even human fecal matter on the handles of a sampling of over thirty grocery stores. This can be especially dangerous in people with fragile immune systems, such as children.

Before you boycott your favorite grocery store and consider growing all of your own food, know you have options. There are several products on the market that are designed to protect your children while they are accompanying you to the store. The most cost effective, stylish, and easiest to use product to emerge is the grocery cart seat cover. As an added bonus, many of today's covers have uses outside of just the grocery cart.

Grocery cart seat covers come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes depending on your taste and the size of your child. Most are made out of a soft cloth like fleece or brushed cotton to insure the comfort of your little one. The styles that are easiest to use are the types that have an elastic border so that the cover can be used on different kinds of seats. For example, most models fit booster seats and restaurant high chairs as well as shopping cart seats. There are straps to hold your little one in place and leg holes so that their feel will hang comfortably while you continue shopping. Make sure that the seat cover you select covers the entire surface area of the cart's seat, including the back. When you're done shopping, simply remove the seat cover and wash in at home according to the manufacturer's suggestions. Your clean, germ-free seat cover will now be ready for another use.

Aside from protecting the safety and health of your child, some seat covers offers options that make them more versatile and even fun to use. Cup Holders, Toy pockets, detachable pillows, matching tote bags and designer fabrics are just a of the features that come with some seat covers.

With their simple, easy to use style and germ-protecting benefits a shopping cart cover is a smart investment in your child's health. Priced at between $25-$70 for most models, it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are doing everything you can to protect your child from germs.

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