Baby Shower Games

Need some hints on things to do at a baby shower. Read this article to find some great games aimed to entertain all ages.

A friend or family member having a baby? It's time to plan a shower. Here are some ideas to make your shower unique and special.

The clothesline shower: String up a clothesline over the party space. When you send out the invitation tell assign each guest a size and type of clothes (pajamas, playclothes, church clothes) . Have each guest wrap the present in the shape of the item so it can be hung on the clothesline. Arrange each by size. The mommy will then be able to unwrap the clothesline and have a wardrobe of different clothes. Clothesline can be omitted but is fun for decorating.

Time of day shower: Assign each guest a time of day and assign them to bring something that an infant or mommy could use at that time of day. Example: 10:00 p.m. = pajamas, 8:00 a.m. might be bottles or bowls, 8:00 p.m. infant bath tub. This helps reduce repeat items if mommy isn't registered anywhere.

Games to play:

*What Did I Register For Again? Print out mommy's registry and create a word scramble of each item (Choose about 20 items). This is hilarious as everyone has spent a lot of time looking over the registry but can't figure out what a hmreetorem is. Did you figure out that it was a themometer?

*20 questions about the mommy Write our 20 questions such as due date? Nursery theme? Age of mommy? Etc and see who gets the most right.

*What's in the bag? Using brown paper lunch bags put a baby item in each. Examples: Nail clippers, Small bottle of powder, teething ring, etc. Without opening the bag the guests squish it to decide what is inside.

*Poopy Diapers! Using 6-10 disposable diapers melt 6-10 candy bars in a plastic bag in microwave and put the contents into a diaper. Guests must pass and smell each poopy diaper and guess what name brand candy product is melted in it. Don't put in diaper too far in advance - the ones with caramel will "glue" the diaper shut. Loads of laughs!

*Guess the baby food. Removed labels from jars and pass around to guess what each is. No tasting or smelling. Mommy keeps the jars.

*Don't say baby game. Each guest gets a diaper pin to pin on their blouse. If a guest catches another guest saying baby they can take their pin. Whoever has the most when the cake is served wins a prize.

*Honey - my water broke. Buy tiny plastic babies (available in crafts or cake decorating supplies) and freeze the baby into icecubes. When the first guest's baby melts out of the ice cube she must yell "Honey - my water broke" to claim her prize.

*Diaper bag memory. Pack a diaper bag with an assortment of baby care items. Each guest gets 30 second to sort through the bag and try to remember what is in it. When everyone has looked take the bag away and pass out paper for everyone to list what they remember.

Hope you have lots of fun and laughs!

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