Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Infant Manicure Sets

Baby manicure sets are unique but essential items for new parents, and make perfect baby shower gifts.

Even the smallest baby's fingernails can cause painful scratches, not only to the baby but also to Mommy, Daddy, siblings, grandparents, and other visitors. Carefully groomed nails are less likely to scratch, making a baby manicure set a creative but essential shower gift for the mom-to-be.

A properly equipped manicure set includes several necessary tools. Small clippers, emery boards to file rough edges, scissors for delicate trimming, tweezers, and a magnifying glass for precision are all basic nail care items. They should be stored in one case, with elastic pockets and a sturdy zipper or locking clasps to prevent loss or accidental misuse.

Simply collecting the items and securing them in a case is not enough to create a baby manicure set. Because babies are naturally inquisitive, tools should be chosen for safety features as well as suitability for an infant's small, delicate fingers. Rounded edges on clippers, blunt scissor points, and safety guards on sharp objects are all important safety devices. Rubber grips prevent slipping, and oversized handles prevent swallowing. Many baby manicure items are built for childproof operation, requiring the handles to be properly aligned, unclasped, or otherwise manipulated before use.

Including a baby manicure set as part of a grooming package or baby spa theme is a unique and delightful way to help parents gather supplies for their new addition. Extra-soft washcloths, baby-formulated shampoo and bubble bath, a soft-bristle hairbrush, beginning toothbrush, and protective mitts are all useful items to primp a perfect baby. Bathtub appliqu├ęs, sponge toys, and a rubber duck are fun accents to complete the package.

The purpose of a baby shower is to literally shower the new parents with gifts to make their adjustment easier, and no gift will be more appreciated than an indulgent treat for their relaxation and enjoyment. To complement a baby manicure set, consider a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure, insuring that Mom's nails are as radiant as her baby's. To accompany a baby spa selection, a gift certificate to a local spa for a massage or other decadent treatment provides a rare pleasure. Be certain, however, that the spa is equipped to handle pregnant or nursing clients, since different chemicals and treatments can be hazardous to infants.

There are many ways to present a baby manicure set. While it can be purchased as a unit and gift wrapped accordingly, a more attractive presentation is to place each item in a basket, decorative bowl, or festive gift bag. Using cotton balls, baby washcloths, or a soft receiving blanket to line the basket is a creative and thoughtful way to package the gifts.

Many different baby shower cards are available to complete the ensemble, including rubber duck and bath themes. For a more personalized approach, trace a handprint on stiff paper, such as cardstock, and write a personal note in the palm. Then use each finger to offer a tip about trimming the baby's nails, such as waiting until naptime to avoid stress or after a bath when the nails are softer and easier to cut. This advice may be more useful than the gift itself, and new parents are always grateful for tips from experienced parents.

With the proper tools and extra treats to pamper the mom-to-be, a baby manicure set is a unique and necessary baby shower gift. Often overlooked by new parents, proper nail care is essential for a baby's health and safety, and such a thoughtful and useful gift will be appreciated for years.

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