Baby Shower Tips: Preparing A Gift Basket

One of a kind gift baskets can be the perfect unique gift for an expecting mother. Includes ideas for gifts.

If you are getting ready to attend a baby shower for an expecting friend or family member and would like to bring a unique and useful gift but are lacking ideas read on!

Putting together a gift "˜basket' for an expecting mother is a great way to create a fun, useful, and easy gift with a lot of eye appeal. By using your imagination, and sticking with basic baby supplies your gift will be a one of a kind creation you won't have to worry about being duplicated by another gift giver!

To begin, it's best to determine if the expecting mother has any special needs or preferences. For example, if the mother to be intends to breastfeed her baby it would be inappropriate and unwanted to gift her with bottles and formula feeding supplies. Mother's generally have strong preferences about how they intent to feed, clothe and diaper their babies. Consult with the person (or persons) in charge of hosting the baby shower and request information about the preferences of the mother you will be creating a gift for. Some good questions to ask in order to plan a great gift basket are: Will the mother be breastfeeding or bottle feeding? Will the mother use cloth diapers or disposable diapers? Does the mother have a brand of baby products she prefers (some mothers prefer traditional baby products, while others have strongly prefer to use all natural products)? Is there a specific theme for the new baby's nursery? Does the mother to be have a favorite brand of baby clothing? Is the expected baby a boy or a girl, or will the gender be a surprise upon arrival of the baby? Does the mother have specific color preferences for baby clothing and supplies (not every mother wants their little boy dressed in baby blue, or their girl in baby pink! As a matter of fact some mothers really detest stereotypical baby colors while others absolutely love them), is there anything the mother to be is in need of?

Once you are armed with some basic information about the person who will be creating a gift for it's time to have some fun putting together a gift that is personal, creative, and best of all something that will actually be used!! The following are some fun ideas for baby shower gift "˜baskets'.

Diaper Supplies "˜Basket': Using the term gift "˜basket' loosely, it's time to have some fun! Instead of a basket, purchase a diaper pale to hold a collection of diaper supply themed gifts! Take the diaper pale out of the box it comes in and open up the lid. Not only will that pail store loads of dirty diapers, but it also makes a great place to display a collection of gifts (at least before the pail is put to use!!). Let's face it, every mom needs diapering supplies and the more the merrier. Even if other people bring diapering supplies, it's just about guaranteed they will all be used up and then some! The following supplies are excellent to have on hand for a new baby: Diapers (again, check the mother's preference for cloth or disposable! Many mothers are choosing cloth!), wipes (again, cloth or disposable), diaper rash cream, baby powder, a diaper wipes warmer, water proof diaper changing pads, disposable diaper changing pads for trips out of the house, a dirty diaper bag if the mother is choosing to cloth diaper, and pail liners for the diaper pail. To create the "˜basket', open or remove the lid of the diaper pail. Use newspaper, or other inexpensive bulk filler to fill the bottom of the pail full enough that the remaining gifts will be easily visible when placed inside (packages of disposable diapers can be put in the bottom of the pail to take up space!). Tuck tissue paper over the unattractive filler in the bottom of the pail to make the gift attractive. Arrange the diapering related gift items you purchased in an attractive manner within the pail. A large ribbon can be wrapped around the entire pail to help secure the contents on top and make it attractive, or a simple bow can be added to the lid of the pail.

Bath Time Gift "˜Basket'- Once again this idea plays loosely on a basket theme! Use a baby bath tub instead of a traditional gift basket and fill it with a variety of tub time supplies for the little one on the way! Great supplies to purchase include: soft hooded baby towels, baby soft wash clothes, a baby sized bath robe, baby soap, baby lotion, baby oil, and cute rubber tub toys! Use clear or blue cellophane gift wrap scrunched up to fit into the tub to mimic water. Arrange the bath time supplies you purchased in an attractive manner. Although a newborn may not be able to play with them right away, bath toys look particularly cute tucked into this gift basket and add a fun, whimsical touch.

Out and About Gift "˜Basket'- Still no boring basket for this theme either! Instead, use a diaper bag and fill it full of all the things mother and baby will need for their adventures away from home. Useful gifts to fill the bag with include: A change of clothes for baby, burp clothes, a diaper changing pad, a baby blanket, travel sized diaper wipes container, diapers, a dirty duds bag, small diaper bag sized baby powder and diaper rash cream. This gift needs very little extra embellishment, so if you don't trust your gift arranging skills give this one a try! Just load the bag full, tie a pretty ribbon around it and give it away!

Meal Time Basket- Now it's time to finally use a basket (unless of course you'd rather be creative and use something else!). Because of the differences between bottle and breastfeeding it is very important that you know which method the mother to be intends to practice before you put this gift together! Two different lists of gift supplies will be included to reflect each method of feeding. For mothers who intend to breastfeed: the book "˜The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding' (a wonderful resource for mothers who are new to breastfeeding and those who have already nursed a baby or two or more!), burp clothes, lanolin cream for sore nipple (available on the baby supplies isle), a sling for making it easy to carry and nurse a baby while out and about, a nursing pillow, and a gift certificate to a local store that carries nursing clothing. For the mother who intends to bottle feed: formula of choice, bottles of choice (be sure to include any necessary liners or nipples if they come separately), a bottle warmer, a bottle drying rack, and burp clothes. Fill an attractive basket with shredded gift paper and arrange gift items in an attractive manner.

Basic Layette Basket- Again, this gift can be placed in a pretty basket or other creative container. The following items are useful to have on hand for newborns and multiples of each item are a good thing, so if your gift is duplicated it's ok! Layette items include: onesies, gowns, sleepers, hats, booties and flannel receiving blankets. Follow directions above for filling and arranging items in the basket.

Giving a gift that is useful and creative will bring a great deal of joy to you, and the happy mother to be!

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