Baby soap recipes and instructions

Several melt and pour soap recipes mild enough for baby, with instructions and tips included.

You can create literally hundreds of diverse soaps by starting with different base ingredients and additives. When creating a soap to be used on such tender skin as an infant though, one must be careful so as not to irritate or dry their sensitive skin.

Glycerin Melt and Pour

Glycerin is the perfect base when creating a soap to be used on a baby. Naturally gentle and moisturizing, added ingredients can easily personalize each bar.

Base Recipe

-Two-pound block of Crafter's Choice Extra Clear Soap


-Two Pound block Crafter's Choice Silk and Shea Butter Soap

-Large glass bowl


-Wooden spoon

-Molds (Remember, do not use any additives such as cooking sprays to help your finished melt and pour soaps come out of their molds. If the individual bars are a bit hard to remove, run a small amount of warm water on the backside of the mold to loosen them.)

Cut two-pound block of soap in half, reseal one half and set aside.

Cut half of block (one pound) into four or five chunks. Place in glass bowl and microwave on high for one minute. Remove and stir. Place back into microwave at fifteen second intervals until soap melts completely. Do not boil, as this will cause the soap to lose much of its lather.

Soap Recipes

Each recipe is equal to one pound of soap base. Add ingredients immediately upon removal of soap base from microwave unless stated otherwise. Dry ingredients need to be mixed thoroughly into the base. If having problems with clumps forming, mix the dry ingredient with a small amount of water to start, stirring swiftly, then add to the bulk of the mix.

Goats Milk and Lavender

1 ½ tablespoon of dry goats milk

1 tablespoon of crushed lavender

Add the dry goat milk to the melted base. Once it has thoroughly dissolved into the base, pour mixture into molds. Once the soap has started to set up but before it has hardened, sprinkle small amount of crushed lavender into each bar.

Goats' milk gives the soap an added lather boost, while the lavender will provide a soothing scent to calm baby.

Goats Milk and Green Tea

1 ½ tablespoon of dry goats milk

1 tablespoon of dry green tea

Add the dry goat milk to the melted base. Once it has thoroughly dissolved into the base, stir in green tea. Pour into mold. Green tea will settle to the bottom of each mold, so when you un-mold the soap each bar will have a slightly speckled effect.

Green tea is a natural anti-oxidant. This soap will work well on baby's bottoms to help keep them rash free.

Oatmeal Chamomile

2-tablespoons fine powdered oatmeal

1 tablespoon crushed dried chamomile

Stir both ingredients into the melted base. The oatmeal is good for drying up rashes and relieving itching. The chamomile is perfect for a fussy baby. Works especially well if you hold the baby gently but securely and lightly massage the baby as you wash with the soap. Whether it is the massaging itself, or the soap, this often calms a fussy baby.

Both the oatmeal and the chamomile could be used on their own. For oatmeal alone, add 3 tablespoons to the base mix. For chamomile, use one ½ tablespoons.


If you have an infant with extremely sensitive skin, try using the glycerin melt and pour base naturally. It lathers nicely and acts as a moisturizer. As your infant grows, you can always try adding additional ingredients.

If you decide to try to create your own soap recipes for your infant, avoid adding scented oils just for the sake of smell. Consider what each ingredient can offer your baby's skin, and keep it simple.

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