Baby Teeth Information: Brushing

Baby teeth information: You need to start brushing teeth early! Learn how to brush baby teeth and teaching your kids the importance of tooth brushing.

The key to teaching your child how to brush her teeth is simple. Make it a fun process. You want your child to pick up the good habit of brushing her teeth early in life. And you want her to brush her teeth often and regularly. The only way you'll teach her to do this is to make it part of the routine and make her want to do it.

When your child turns a year and a half old, that's about the time you'll want to begin teaching your child to brush her teeth. Start with making weird sounds that expose your teeth. The funnier the sounds, the better the situation is and the more excited your child is about the process. Try saying words that end in the sounds AAAAHHH or EEEEHHH. These make good words that expose the teeth and get them ready to be brushed. To add to the silliness, go ahead and make funny faces to your child and encourage her to make funny faces back.

Then what you want to do is let her see how you brush your teeth. Let her watch you put toothpaste on your brush and brush in circular motions on your teeth and gums. Let her watch as you don't miss a spot and brush for about two minutes overall. Then rinse and show her how much cleaner your teeth are than they were before.

When your child is brushing her teeth, talk about all the foods she ate that she is brushing away. Especially name any cookies or candy. This helps her understand that the process of brushing teeth is to remove excess food from her mouth and clean her teeth.

Overall, the biggest goal is to make the process fun and to keep her doing it time after time. Maybe you brush together first thing in the morning and then after each meal. Get in the habit of brushing teeth right after meals and then maybe tell her that your next activity is watching dishes, so she can see that you have even more responsibilities.

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