Your Baby's Second Year: What To Expect At Fourteen Months

As your child begins her second year of life, you will be amazed at how quickly she develops. What are some things you can expect during your child's fourteenth month?

Once your baby has turned a year old, it seems that she begins to develop at a more rapid rate. It feels like only yesterday she was staring up at you lovingly while drinking from her bottle. Was it only a few months ago when she stunned everybody by saying "mama" for the first time? You can remember her first step and her first fall, her first taste of solid food and the subsequent messy dinners. By the time your child has turned fourteen months, she has developed quite nicely and is starting to become her own little character with her own little personality. Here are some things you can expect during this fourteenth month.

If you thought she liked getting attention before, wait until she starts loving to be the center of attention. She will make her presence known and be sure that everybody in the room is paying attention to her and only her. She will love to have others dote on her and clap for her as she shows everyone a new trick or a new dance move. Granted, she will not only want attention for all the cute little things she does that make you laugh and smile; she will probably not care what kind of attention she gets at this point, even if it means throwing her plate off the high chair to make sure you are looking at her. When children are this age, many parents wonder if they have started to create a monster, but as long as you are firm and show your child that you will not tolerate her being naughty in order to gain attention, she will eventually cool down this behavior.

When your child was still an infant, it was easy for friends and relatives to hold her for a few minutes or to put her to sleep. She was content in anybody's arms, as long as she was being held gently. As she has gotten older, however, she has started to trust in only a few people, including her parents and siblings. She may cry if she is away from her parents for only a few minutes, because she will wonder if they have left her for good. While it seems like an irrational thought to an adult, to a child, when a parent leaves the room or leaves the house, she is not sure if and when they are coming back. Whereas she might have been able to sleep most of the night in her room by herself, she may start to become scared of the dark. You may want to invest in a small nightlight for her room or keep the closet light on with the door closed, so some light comes into the room.

As I mentioned earlier, as your child grows older, she will begin to develop her own little personality. Some things, like certain songs or certain television shows will make her excited and happy. Meanwhile, there will be some things, like playing with certain toys, that will make her frustrated and angry, especially if she cannot figure them out. Temper tantrums will start to rear their ugly heads around the fourteenth month, so be prepared.

You will want to keep a close eye on your child during this time because she will soon become mesmerized by tiny things, including small rocks, coins and insects. She will pick things up off the floor and stare at them (or put them in her mouth, if you don't watch her).

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