Your Baby's Second Year: What To Expect At Twenty Four Months

Here are some tips on normal development of a twenty-four month old toddler. Know what to expect from your two-year-old.

Congratulations! Your child is now two years old and you're probably planning her huge birthday celebration. I'll bet that you are amazed every single day, looking at your beautiful child, that she has grown so quickly. Her little personality is starting to take over and she is no longer the tiny baby whose only sounds sounded like babbling. She's probably running around the house talking up a storm to anybody who will listen. As your child approaches her twenty-fourth month, what are some developments you can expect from her?

She is starting to get a little interested in the whole potty business. Don't get too nervous if your child has not yet mastered the potty visits, but now would be a great time to start potty training if you haven't done so already. Most parents find that two years old is the perfect time to start potty training, especially so they can get rid of the expense of buying diapers by the bushel. Invest in a good potty training book or talk to your friends or family members who have children to get some basic tips for effective potty training.

Your child is a dichotomy of emotions right now, so be prepared. On one hand, she is very eager to please, so she will proudly show you how she put together her wooden puzzle so you can praise her. She may make little gifts for you or draw you small pictures on cards, making you marvel at how angelic and wonderful she is. On the other hand, she is intent on having her way the majority of the time. She may want to stay up past her bedtime one night, and when you refuse, she may throw a tantrum. Be patient, yet firm, with her incessant defiance and be prepared to get a lot of "no's" and mean looks. Most children this age go through this period; after all, there is a reason it is called the terrible two's.

Whereas before she may not have exactly enjoyed the company of other children, you may find that, nowadays, she actually likes playing with other kids. However, this does not mean that she will suddenly become generous with those toys she deems hers, so don't expect her to share well with other kids. You may also notice that she can be a bit bossy with other children, so do not be surprised.

As you continue to read to your child every night and talk to your child throughout the day, you will notice that her vocabulary is really starting to expand. She will begin to learn the names of many things in the home and in the environments she is used to, like her daycare or the park. She will be able to answer simple questions like, "What color is your shirt?" or "What is your brother's name?" You may also notice that she will spend up to an hour at a time looking through her favorite books and staring at the pictures.

When your child was still an infant, you might have been able to strap her into her bouncing seat and vacuum the entire living room without her even flinching. Now, as she grows older, you may notice that she is easily startled by loud noises. She may get scared when a thunderstorm comes through town, especially in the middle of the night where she will probably make a beeline straight to your bedroom.

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