Your Baby's Second Year: What To Expect At Twenty-One Months

Your child is getting close to her second birthday. What can you expect development-wise out of your twenty-one month old?

Before you know it your child will already be two years old. Now, as she celebrates her twenty-first month of life, you may glance over at your spouse and wonder how you all have made it this far. When you brought her home from the hospital for the first time almost two years ago, she was just a fragile little baby wound up tightly in her blanket who would grab your finger tightly as you fed her. Now she is sitting up by herself in a highchair attempting to (unsuccessfully) feed herself without getting food all over her face and the floor. As your child approaches her twenty-first month, what new developments can you expect?

Try not to get too alarmed as you watch your young child take more chances when playing. No longer is she content to simply sit in a corner of the sandbox playing with her shovel and pail. Instead, she is climbing on the monkey bars and balancing herself on the corner of the sandbox. For this reason, always keep a close eye on her when she is playing. At your own home, be sure to child-proof your home by locking your cabinets and drawers and being sure that she does not attempt to climb right out of her playpen or crib.

Every single day, your child is starting to add words to her vocabulary. While she was limited to a few words before, now she is starting to try out different words and phrases. She has begun to string words together into more coherent sentences, although don't expect her to expound on the theory of relativity just yet. While she may not always be able to say every word, she is understanding a lot more words, so she can now understand any simple directions you give her.

Now is the time to start to wean your child off of her bottle. Instead, offer her a child's cup or a sippy cup which has a spout for drinking, but which helps a child get off the bottle. Do not make the mistake of allowing your child to have the sippy cup at all times of the day, and do not allow her to go to sleep with the sippy cup in her mouth.

As your child's teeth start to develop and emerge, it is crucial that you help her to clean them. It is highly recommended that a twenty-one month old brush her teeth once a day at the very least. This will help keep plaque from forming on her delicate baby teeth and start her on a good dental hygiene routine. While she may wish to brush her own teeth, you may want to help her with the harder to reach teeth in the back.

You may also notice that your child is starting to socialize a little better nowadays. Before, she used to sit in the corner playing with her favorite toy by herself. Now, she is enjoying the company of her peers and learning to share and socialize with them. You will also notice that she is getting more advanced in her playing with toys. Instead of simply grabbing toys and flinging them across the room, she is actually beginning to study them. By this age, she should be able to stack a few building blocks on top of each other, as well as put together a very basic puzzle.

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