Bachelorette Party Ideas

Some different bachelorette party theme ideas.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Renting school buses, going to strip clubs, drinking to all hours of the night...all of these things are what brides-to-be fear their husbands will be doing the night of their bachelor parties. The idea behind a bachelor party is for the groom to have one last single night out with his friends. But why do the grooms get to have all of the fun? The bride needs one last night out as a single woman with her girlfriends, so here are a few ideas to get your party started.

Now, not all brides are the same, mind you. You are responsible for throwing her the ultimate party, but you must consider the bride's personality. Is she the wild child that usually ends the night dancing on top of the bar? Is she more quiet and reserved? Is she the type of girl whose idea of a great night out is dinner and a movie?

Your Sexy Friend

This is the friend who loves to drink and go clubbing. Her bachelorette party will simply be the flip side of the stereotypical bachelor party. Start the night at her favorite restaurant or bar where the party presents her with her gifts for the night. Give her a mock wedding veil to wear that has her name and the date of the bachelorette party sewn on with fake rhinestones. This is the time for her girlfriends to give her naughty gifts like sexy lingerie and toys she can use as a married woman! Give her a plain white shirt to wear that has lifesavers or gummy bears glued to it. When you visit her favorite bars, have single guys pay her a dollar to either take or bite off one of the lifesavers or gummy bears. Make sure you tell the bartenders that this is her bachelorette party. He'll be sure to give her some free drinks. End the night at one of her favorite dance clubs or, if she's up for it, a strip bar where she can use all the dollars she got from the lifesavers!

Your Quiet Friend

Imagine your quiet friend in the above scenario. That would NOT be a good scene for her. How about a day at the spa for her and her closest friends? Start the day taking her to brunch at one of her favorite restaurants and then head on over to a day spa to get pampered. With the help of the other guests, offer to get her a manicure, pedicure and a massage. Most day spas are equipped to deal with parties this size, so you can all be getting pampered in one room where you can share gossip and discuss the wedding ahead.

Your Fun Friend

This would be the friend who is up for anything. She loves having fun and is game for any new adventure. A fun idea for a bachelorette party is to take her to a pottery painting store. The bride and all of her friends can pick out different pieces of pottery and then paint them however they choose. Bring along some different wines and cheeses for everyone to snack on while painting. Make sure that each guest paints a different item (for example, a vase, a utensil holder, a plate, a platter, a cup, etc). When everyone is done painting, let the bride know that all of the different items that were painted will be hers. What a wonderful way for her to remember her friends and this day!

The Outdoors Friend

If the bride and her friends love to spend their time outdoors, plan a camping trip. Get all of the gear together and some food to cook out with. Stay up all night toasting marshmallows and S'mores and catching up on old times. Before everyone goes to bed, make sure to tell ghost stories so everybody is adequately scared before retreating to their tents.

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