Backpack Diaper Bags For Your Toddler

Use a backpack diaper bag to help your toddler make his way through the world safely and well equipped.

When you baby isn't a baby anymore, rather a hoppin' toddler on the go from sun up to sunset, your diaper bag remains a staple accessory for your fashion sense and peace of mind. Only now that your child is on the move, it becomes so important to keep your hands free, to stop the curious sweetheart from diving into the middle of a toy display or dashing across the parking lot without looking both ways. A backpack diaper bag is just the thing to keep your hands free while still allowing you to tote around all the things you may need for a day out with your toddler.

Additionally, backpack diaper bags offer other features that may come in handy, like compartments and more space than the diaper bag you used when he was an infant. A big kids going through potty training is prone to accidents, requiring dry clothing and a place to store the soiled garments. A prepared mother will also carry baggies to store the wet clothes in until she can get home and clean them.

Along with the baggies and clothes, you will still need to carry around diaper wipes, and an emergency diaper or two. To keep him busy while waiting in lines, waiting for food in a restaurant, or sitting in a waiting room, a selection of toys is needed, a book or two, and snacks. While restaurants try to be prepared for customers of all ages, they may not have sippy cups available or kid-size silverware. Taking these items with you can mean the difference between a relaxing meal and an exhausting trial of your patience. And, just in case you are leaving your toddler with a sitter or at daycare, Always keep emergency contact information in the front pocket of the pack. Last, you will want a mini first aid kit on hand. Toddlers are still new to the concept of locomotion and stopping sometimes comes at the cost of cuts and bruises. And, like the Boy Scouts, mom should always go prepared.

It sounds like the backpack diaper bag needed to haul the toddler supplies would have to be about the size of a hiking backpack, 50 pounds or more, but in reality, a little organization can go a long way toward keeping your backpack small and lightweight. Even so, it is still important to find a backpack that is not only attractive but a good fit. Look for a backpack diaper bag with adjustable straps and pads on the shoulders. Try it on and make sure it isn't too long for your body, which will put too much pressure on your lower back. And, don't forget to look for the zippered compartments. The more organized you can be upfront, the less confusion you'll experience when the little guy comes running to you with gooey hands, dirty pants, and tears streaming.

Your baby isn't an infant anymore. He's a big kid, and he comes with a whole lot of extras. With a backpack diaper bag, you can carry all those extras in relative comfort, while keeping your hands free to help him find his way through the world safely.

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