Ballet Supply: The Essentials

Are you wondering about ballet supply? Here are some essentials that ballerinas need to have with them at dance class.

As a young girl gets more serious about ballet dancing, there will be items that will become necessities for her dance bag, particularly when she goes en pointe (on her toes).

First of all, she'll need a large dance bag. For most dancers, the little bag used to carry ballet slippers will be outgrown by the third or fourth grade. Large duffle bags are popular among dancers.

Dancers usually carry around a pair of technique shoes (regular dance slippers) with the split sole (better for foot movement), at least one pair of pointe shoes -- always good to add a second pair if the first pair are getting worn. It's hard to dance on dead shoes. Extra leotards and tights are also helpful to have. It seems that the girls like to trade and share their leotards, as well. For girls that put in a lot of hours, they do like to change into something fresh if they get too sweaty.

Two absolute necessities for girls on their toes are rolls of duct tape and bandage strips. The duct tape helps to prevent the toes from blisters. The bandages are put directly on the toes and make the duct tape easier to cut off. Another aid for the toes is lambs wool, but some dance companies don't allow anything except duct tape.

A water bottle and healthy snacks are always good to carry to dance class, as well.

A small sewing kit is helpful for fixing ribbons that come off during class, or for sewing ribbons on new shoes during a lull in rehearsal.

Some type of warm up, like leg warmers or dance pants, are good to have if there will be breaks in the dance times. These help keep the muscles warm.

Loose change is also good to have, so kids can call home if rehearsals run long!

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