Basement Idea: Remodeling Or Just Decorating

Want to make better use of your basement? Here are creative redecorating or remodeling ideas that may help you explore possibilities.

If your home has a basement, are you maximizing the additional space? Decorated as one room or divided into several, a finished basement area can enhance a home's layout by adding a substantial amount of area for family use.

A finished basement, with dry wall and flooring, provides a good opportunity for redecorating this space to make it habitable. A simple coat of paint on walls and ceilings and a bargain basement carpet can turn your basement into a space for recreation, work, or escape.

Safety features are a primary consideration. Check lighting to be sure the electrical outlets are up to code and will support enough lighting to enable users of the area to see and function safely. Be sure an escape route is available in case of fire; install and periodically check smoke alarms. Another thing to look for is a possible carbon monoxide leak from the furnace or hot water tank. Install a carbon monoxide detector to protect this area from the lethal, imperceptible gas that claims lives every year. The detector is similar in size and prize to a smoke monitor. You also may want to check for radon. Ask a home supply store attendant for information about this natural substance that permeates a certain percentage of homes without the owners' knowledge. If high levels of radon are left undetected, they can seep into the living area and even to the first floor with the potential of lung damage to a home's inhabitants.

After ensuring the basement's safety, inspect flooring for mold, cracks, or upheavals and repair them properly. Non-skid area rugs can hide unsightly stains or tears. As with other rooms in your home, coordinate decorating accents like the rug, curtains, and wall hangings to arrange an attractive area.

Adding function to aesthetic appeal, organize the room for one or more purposes that will meet your family's spatial needs. Turn a corner into a home office, the center area into a playroom, and surrounding walls into storage areas punctuated by cabinets, closets, and bookshelves. Avoid a cluttered look by arranging objects topically. For example, if you are turning part of the room into a television area, install low lighting, the television and its stand, and adequate seating with a sofa or several chairs. On the other side of the room, set a computer on a work desk, a swivel chair, a lamp, and a file cabinet.

If your basement needs to be refinished, shop local stores or browse the Internet to decide the type of decor you want to use. Simulated or real wood paneling, wall board, or painted concrete blocks can serve a variety of needs and budgets. Similarly, linoleum, tile, or a carpet will create a host of different looks. A faux wall can be erected to divide the area into two rooms for guests, study, or leisure.

Whatever your ideas, explore them fully by visiting home refinishing stores to compare designs and costs for your remodeling project. Then get busy with paint, vinyl, and furniture to turn that unused area into a positive, serviceable feature of your home.

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