Basic Personal Hygiene

With some quick and inexpensive tips, better basic personal hygiene is conquerable.

Some people may find that they are missing out on friends, job opportunities and partners because of something that no one had ever pointed out to them-their lack of better personal hygiene.

Maybe in the past as a child their personal habits were pointed out, but in a negative way. No one really took an interest in that person to tell them that they must groom themselves like the rest of the group or at least try to.

Some bad habits of people who have no concept of personal hygiene are: apparent body odor, greasy skin, oily hair, outdated hairstyles, bad breath, and clothing that is dirty or old. The sad part is most of these things can be remedied much, much, quicker than a bad cold or some disease and yet, individuals walk around like this day after day and endure the misery bad hygiene often brings. The misery includes people who do not want to be near these people for the above reasons and lost personal opportunities.

Some ways people can start to improve is to take a realistic look at themselves in a full-length mirror. Even if it hurts to think about it, they should consider the advice of others, especially the people who are around everyday.

Individuals who are suffering with this should try to pinpoint what exactly can be improved, and ask themselves "What Would I Really Like To Improve About Myself That is Available to Me Right Now?"

If the problem includes hair, there are many salons and barber shops who we be happy to give a person with this type of problem the latest style and some grooming tips on specific hair types, whether it be oily, dry, etc. They should just ask to look at a hair book and choose an updated look along with the hairstylist's/barber's advice.

Skin is another major problem. Make sure skin is thoroughly cleaned on a day-to-day basis. There are many sights on the internet that can help a person find what he/she needs to take care of the skin. The face is the first thing people see everyday, so it's important that it's clean.

If a person suffers with body odor that is uncontrollable, they should immediately try out new fragrances, strong smelling deodorant soaps, shampoos, or anything with a very pleasant smell. There is no excuse for walking around with bad body odor. These days stores are filled with cosmetics and items with various scents that can be of use to a person with this problem. And in this case, use the item and (most times) pooph! problem solved.

Others face the problem of chronic bad breath and then there are those who have to be around it, as well, dealing with it and dealing with the person who has it. In the case of bad breath, spicy foods should be avoided at all costs. Flossing and brushing should be performed daily, and the use of a good mouthwash is very important. Breath mints are available everywhere, as are strong smelling gums and candies. Also, more frequent visits to the dentist will help to remedy this problem.

Yes, there are individuals who have serious medical problems that cannot adhere to these types of remedies. In this case, a doctor should be consulted and advice should be given on personal hygiene (especially in the workplace). These types of people should wash daily and take an interest in their personal health and well being, as it will increase their chances of more positive reactions with the people they come in contact with.

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