Basics Of Computers

I want you to know the basics of computers. I did not know anything about computers when I bought my first one.

Operating System: Every computer has a operating system which simply means computers aren't human: they need to be told what to do, so the computer needs software that will help carry out the tasks it is to perform for us: displaying information on the screen or saving data on disks.

Graphical User Interface(GUI): This is also called a gooey: the gooey puts the pictures on your desktop such as files, folders, and documents. Once you learn to use one Windows software package such as Word, you'll be ready to use more software packages.

Internet: This, simply put, is a collection of computers that are networked together to provide us with information. You can also use the Internet to communicate with family, friends, and receive news and weather reports, watch movies.

Now, on to some very basics that every new user should know: the following are just a few.

Desktop: My desktop is a screen on my Windows 98, this is my work space where all my tools are stored that I need to get all my tasks done. It will have icons to click on: when I click on one of my programs icons it opens up that window for me.

Startup Button: If I click on the startup button I can see a selection of programs, such as settings, favorites, programs, run, help, and so on.

Taskbar: This is down at the very bottom of your screen, it is useful for quick access to the tools, and running of programs. You will also have a tray at the bottom of your screen; this will show your services icons for time, mail or Internet.

Help: This has become a very useful tool to me. If I run into a problem I can't handle I go to help, and it always solves my questions.

Icons: These are little boxes on my desktop, and underneath the box is a title or name, or folder icon, when clicked on it will open the program I want.

Pointers: These are devices you will use to move and manipulate objects on the screen. Your mouse is a device you use to move your pointer up, down, scroll, or you can hover over and object,and a box will come up to tell you what the object is this is called a tool tip.

Mouse Tips: Their are a lot of devices out there: some are called trackballs, two button mouse or three button mouse, some have a wheel you can roll, some of these can cut down on hand fatigue, some are one pointer, and some use your arm, not your wrist, to move the mouse.

Internet: When two or more computers are connected together, they make a network, and this is how the Internet works: only there are more computers, sharing information from one to the other.

World Wide Web: This is a system that lets you access information, with computers that are stored all over the world. Once you bring up a web page, (which are electronic files called hypertext documents)you can use the links located in the document of the web page, to show more information pages.

Saving: If you want to save your work, click on the icon on your toolbar that says save, this opens up a box where you will see a Save in box, so you pick one maybe( my documents)or floppy A.

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