Bath And Shower Implements: Loufas, Washcloths, And Other Accessories

When assembling items for your shower caddy or bathside shelf, be sure to include those that will provide useful hygiene and beauty services.

Few sensory pleasures are as rewarding as a luxuriant bath or shower. That's why it is important to gather all the implements and products you need in a favorite watering spot for bathing and pampering your body.

1. Start with the essential materials. Add a large, fuzzy (preferably terrycloth) towel to the collection of items in your bathing area. Make sure it is soft and thick for thorough drying and moisture absorption. Place a matching (though this is not necessary) washcloth that covers your hand. A loofah can help to scrub away dead skin cells and improve circulation throughout your body. Be sure to rinse it well after each use.

2. Choose the best body cleanser for your skin type. Determine whether you have oily or dry skin, or a mix of the two. Some people have a "T" section of oiliness across the brow and down the nose. Ask a dermatologist or a cosmetic consultant for help if you are unsure which skin type you have. Then buy the corresponding soap brand. Take into account whether you want antibacterial soap, especially if you work around animals or in the outdoors a good part of each day. You might prefer liquid soap in a pump bottle or squeeze tube. For bathtubs you can pour bath crystals for softness. Many soaps come in a variety of fragrances, but be sure you aren't allergic to some of the ingredients like dye or perfumes.

3. Coordinate your shampoo with a conditioner for your hair type. Wander the hair care aisle at your supermarket or drugstore to check out the huge selection of these products. Get a pair that meets the needs of your scalp and hair, whether dry or oily. You also can get clarifying shampoo, which removes built-up residue from previous conditions or styling gels. Some conditioners offer deep rather than average conditioning, but don't overuse them or your they will leave a film on your hair.

4. Don't forget the shaving supplies. You can purchase shaving cream if you don't want to use regular body soap for this chore. Use a clean disposable razor each time or wash it thoroughly after each use, taking care not to get cut on the sharp edge. If you use the disposable type, put the lid back on when you are done shaving to prevent a casual cut if it should slip and fall in the shower or if a child should pick it up.

5. Make room for the accessories. A sponge can come in handy for special cleaning needs. You may want to attach a water-pik to vary the spray intensity of your shower head. For a bathtub, you can light a few candles if you are careful not to bump them. Or burn a little potpourri on the counter to make the entire room smell wonderful during your shower. A cuticle brush, nail trimmer, after-shave lotions, and body talc or cream make nice touches after the water is turned off.

No matter how hectic your day is, you can create a personal, private spa when you organize a set of supplies that will leave you feeling like a duchess when you're done!

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