Bathing And Children

Explain to your children why bathing is important, and use the reward system. Make taking a bath fun!

Have you ever had problems getting your child to take a bath? Me too! Any parent will answer "yes" to that question. What is the solution? Well...there is no one solution that will work 100%, but there are a few things you might try that should have better results than 0%!

1. Explain to your child why they need a bath. I wouldn't go so far as to show them pictures of mites or anything, they would fritz when they got older and found out that those were there all the time, regardless of how much you bathe. You may want to explain to them about germs though, and how they can get sick if proper hygiene is not used. This alone may make them want a bath when they figure it out. Put the explanation into kid talk though, and introduce the bigger words one at a time into their vocabulary.

2. Have you tried the reward system? The key behind this system, any system really, is consistency. One example of the reward system is a sticker chart. Every time they take a bath give them a sticker. Make a row of blank spaces to put the stickers on. Have a bigger reward for them at the end of the row of stickers. Suckers for instance, if they don't want a sucker, then try something they are wanting. Little packages of stars are really cheap if you need to watch your budget, these work well for stickers. Try five, about five times in a row (s = sticker, p = prize) (s, s, s, s, s, P), then ten, five times in a row, then fifteen.... Then have a big production for them at the end of about thirty stickers. (Let them pick a place to go out to eat...) This also teaches them patience. It teaches them how to wait for something, that not everything will come to them as soon as they want it. It also teaches them that they have to work for the things that they want.

3. Make taking a bath fun! Let them take some waterproof toys in with them, for instance, Barbies, cars, dolls, rubber ducks, army men, and little plastic dinosaurs.... Whatever floats the boat (which is also a good bathtub toy)! Just make sure that the favored toys do not also fit down the drain. That would just make new problems.

4. Mix and Match! Use all of these ideas or use one or use them in conjunction with an idea of your own. The explanation about why a child should take a bath is a definite. Nobody likes to do something when they don't understand the reasoning behind it. Children don't know anything that we don't tell them. So after the explanation process, go on to the "making it fun" part, then try the reward system. Try them together...Make bathing fun with the toys, and give them the sticker for getting into the bathtub!

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